Pros / Alamo has great customer care options, including the ability to reserve and check in online.

Cons / It does not offer commercial trucks or carpooling options.

 Verdict / Alamo has a great selection of cars and is relatively hassle-free, with great customer service options, but it could use a slightly more navigable website.

Alamo, National and Enterprise share the same parent company, Enterprise Holdings, another of the top car rental companies. Though these car rental services come from the same family, their websites couldn't be more different in layout, features and service. Alamo's website feels dated and somewhat busy when compared with other websites in our car rental reviews, but it makes up for it with great functionality. Alamo's pricing is also higher than other companies we researched. If you want to save money, we found Thrifty Car Rental has some of the cheapest rates. 

The service's website is quite easy to navigate. From the homepage you can enter the location along with the dates you intend to pick up and drop off. The important online check-in feature is easily accessible from the homepage. The car selection is impressive. You can rent luxury cars, hybrids, convertibles and even pickups, which are not easy to find for rent.

You can't rent commercial trucks, but vans are available for transporting smaller loads. There are no carpooling options either, which would allow you to participate in monthly car rentals along with several of your co-workers. Our top pick, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, has van and truck rentals as well as ridesharing.

Once you're checked in, you can choose the car you like from the rental branch's lot and show your online check-in documents to the agent at the exit booth. You not only get to skip the lines – you also get to choose the car you want instead of being assigned one.

While renting your car online, you can load your reservation with helpful features, like toddler and infant seats, toll passes, GPS navigation systems and refueling discounts. The site also has the uncommon Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset option. This allows you to donate a small sum that is matched by the company. The money then goes toward offsetting CO2 emissions your vehicle produces. The website is lacking a search tool, which would be nice for finding specific features and services. Still, you can enter your location and easily find the fleet options that are available in your area and reserve everything in advance.

The site's customer service options are top-notch. You can connect to the company on Facebook or Twitter. There is also a toll-free number in case you need real-time help and an email option for when you have the luxury of thinking ahead a bit. You can also choose roadside assistance and insurance packages while making the online reservation, which is not the case with all rental services. Often companies only let you sign up for those options at a branch, if they are available at all. If Alamo had a live chat option, it would be nearly flawless when it comes to customer service, but it doesn't.

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  2. 4  Alamo
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  3. 50.0 Number of
  4. 2  Hertz
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Alamo is a great car rental service that minimizes a lot of the usual hassles involved with renting a car by letting you do most of the reservation and check-in online. By the time you get to the branch, you simply have to hand the agent your forms and be on your way. It has a wide selection of cars, which you can secure online in advance. It offers a good selection of options, including child seats, GPS and advanced toll passes, which make your rental experience safe and time-efficient.

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Number of States with Locations
Wide Airport Availability
GPS or Navigation Rentals
Online Check-In
Business Rental Program
Child Seat Rental
Carpool Assistance
Car Share
Options for Physically Disabled
Carbon Offset Program
Roadside Assistance
Multiple Country Pick-Up/Drop-Off
On-Site Car Purchasing Program
On-Site Fuel Discount
Toll Prepay Option

Ease of Use

Easy-to-Use Reservation Tool
Simple Locator Finder
Multilingual Website
Well-Organized Website
Keyword Search Tool
Random Car Selection Tool
360-Degree Car View

Price Comparisons

Daily Compact Car Price (Vegas)
Daily Full-Size Car Price (Vegas)
Daily Compact Car Price (NY)
Daily Full-Size Car Price (NY)
Weekly Compact Car Price (Vegas)
Weekly Compact Car Price (NY)

Types of Rentals

One-Way Rentals
Long-Term Rentals
Mid-Size Cars
Commercial Trucks

Help & Support

Call Center
Insurance Package
Airport Shuttle and Pickup Information