Pros / The Budget website is well organized and easy to use.

Cons / This rental service does not offer roadside assistance.

 Verdict / With great basic service and all car types, Budget is a solid choice when you need a car quickly and aren't looking to add on a lot of extra services.

Budget is an accessible car rental service with one of the best websites we've seen when it comes to a clean, easy-to-use layout. The service's website is streamlined and modern looking, not cluttered with ads or pixelated pictures. The homepage gives you the essential information you need. You can just jump in, type in your location and the time you need to pick up and return, and get started with the rental process.

There is also a simple location finder on the site. All you have to do is select your country, state and city, then choose a radius. If you don't want a list of locations, there is an option to simply see the location in your zip code as well.

Once you find out if there is a Budget in your area, you can begin the rental process with the simple reservation tool. After you enter the date of your rental and the location, you get to choose from a wide selection of vehicles that includes luxury cars, pickups, commercial trucks, vans and convertibles.

Once you've selected a car, the service offers such extras as a GPS system and toddler seats. In case you live or are vacationing in an area with mountains, there is a ski rack option. There are also insurance and fuel plans to choose from. This rental service lacks a roadside assistance option, however. The service doesn't offer such extras as an on-site check-in, satellite radio or a toll prepay. However, you can look for the weekly deals that are updated continually on the website, or browse for used cars on sale through Budget's dealership online.

While Budget doesn't offer a slew of customer service options, the ones it offers are nice. There is live chat, which is a convenient, helpful service if you're on the go or just want immediate answers to questions. It lacks roadside assistance packages. While there is no airport shuttle and pickup information on the site, you can live chat with representatives and find out more about shuttle availability at your location. There is email and phone support and an insurance package option. Before opting for insurance, you will want to check with your insurance company to determine if it is a necessary add-on.

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  1. Total number of states with car rental branches
    More is Better.
  2. 6  Budget
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  4. 2  Hertz
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  6. Category Average
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Budget makes it easy to rent a car. Its website makes it a quick process. It is one of the easiest websites to use of any in our car rental reviews. Budget doesn't offer all the services we'd like to see, such as a roadside assistance package, but it offers the essentials and delivers those services in a nice package that you can arrange online. Weekly deals are advertised online, and you can also browse for deals on used cars for sale on the website. It has a good selection of SUVs, rental vans and commercial trucks for moving.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Number of States with Locations
Wide Airport Availability
GPS or Navigation Rentals
Online Check-In
Business Rental Program
Child Seat Rental
Carpool Assistance
Car Share
Options for Physically Disabled
Carbon Offset Program
Roadside Assistance
Multiple Country Pick-Up/Drop-Off
On-Site Car Purchasing Program
On-Site Fuel Discount
Toll Prepay Option

Ease of Use

Easy-to-Use Reservation Tool
Simple Locator Finder
Multilingual Website
Well-Organized Website
Keyword Search Tool
Random Car Selection Tool
360-Degree Car View

Price Comparisons

Daily Compact Car Price (Vegas)
Daily Full-Size Car Price (Vegas)
Daily Compact Car Price (NY)
Daily Full-Size Car Price (NY)
Weekly Compact Car Price (Vegas)
Weekly Compact Car Price (NY)

Types of Rentals

One-Way Rentals
Long-Term Rentals
Mid-Size Cars
Commercial Trucks

Help & Support

Call Center
Insurance Package
Airport Shuttle and Pickup Information