Pros / You can spread out your payments over 36 months.

Cons / There are only three policy plans to choose from.

 Verdict / American Standard Auto Protection gives you very lengthy extended warranty options specifically for high-mileage vehicles.

American Standard Auto Protection, or ASAP, may not be the most well-known extended car warranty company name out there, but if you’re looking for lengthy coverage to go beyond your car's current manufacturer warranty, it is definitely one to consider.

ASAP offers all of the standard coverage and policy options you’d expect a car warranty to offer, including roadside assistance, 24/7 support, rental car reimbursement and more. It also provides among the lengthiest extended car warranty options for both new, low-mileage vehicles and higher-mileage vehicles. ASAP climbed toward the top of our ranking and earned our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for extended car warranty companies.

  • Max Warranty Length
  • Plans Offered
  • Mileage Restrictions
  • Max Payment Schedule
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Customer Support Score
  1. The maximum number of years your warranty will last.
    Longer is Better.
  2. 2  ASAP
    6.0 Years
  3. 5.0 Years
  4. 5.0 Years
  5. Category Average
    5.2 Years


ASAP can provide extended warranty coverage for your vehicle for up to six years and 160,000 miles, which is among the highest of the extended car warranty services on our ranking. This extended car warranty service provides coverage nationwide and in Canada.

ASAP offers three different plans to choose from for new and used cars – Total Performance, Total Care and Total Shield. As with most extended car warranty services, you get more coverage with the more expensive plans.

The Total Performance plan is the most expensive and comprehensive policy. It will cover most of the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, heating and cooling systems, drive axle, brakes, suspension and more.

The mid-level plan, Total Care, doesn’t cover the heating system or the suspension, but it will give your car coverage for the engine, transmission, cooling system, drive axle, brakes and a few other parts.

The lowest-coverage plan, Total Shield, is the least costly overall, but it only provides coverage for your car’s engine, transmission, cooling system, drive axle, brakes and a few other minor parts.

If you have to use the warranty to have your car repaired, you’re only responsible for the standard $100 deductible. Additionally, if you need a rental car while your vehicle is being fixed, ASAP will reimburse you for up to five days and $30 per day, which is what you’ll find with most extended car warranty services.

Policy Services

One of ASAP’s best features is that you can spread out payment of your policy over 36 months. Aside from one other extended car warranty company we evaluated, ASAP was the only other company to offer such a lengthy monthly payment option. You are also backed by the standard 30-day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you decide in the first month that the car warranty policy isn’t for you.

When you use the policy to have your vehicle repaired, ASAP will send the payment directly to the repair facility of your choice so you don’t have to front the money and wait to be reimbursed. You’ll only have to pay the repair deductible to ASAP.

If you end up selling the car or giving it to another person, the extended car warranty is transferable. If the warranty is still being paid for, the new owner can simply take over the payments.

Customer Support

We were disappointed to see that ASAP doesn’t offer a live chat option, but you can still contact the company by phone and email – ASAP offers 24/7 phone support for policy holders. You can also view some frequently asked questions online, which might answer simple questions you may have.

American Standard Auto Protection offered overall good customer service over the phone. However, when we called on a weekend to get a quote, we were unable to speak to a sales representative. Instead, we were told we’d have to call back during business hours for a quote.


American Standard Auto Protection offers very lengthy and high-mileage coverage compared to most of the extended car warranty services we evaluated. You’ll also enjoy lengthy payment schedules and all of the standard coverage and options an extended car warranty should provide.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Policy Services

Max Payment Schedule (months)
Money-Back Guarantee (days)
Choose Your Own Repair Location
Claim Paid Directly to Repair Facility
Transferable Plan

Customer Support

Customer Support Score
24/7 Support
Live Chat


Max Warranty Length (years)
Plans Offered
Mileage Restrictions (miles)
Rental Car Reimbursement (daily)
$30/5 days
Repair Deductible
Nationwide Coverage
Canada Coverage
Roadside Assistance

Warranty Rates

Quoted Rates
Down Payment