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Extended Warranty Services Reviews

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Extended Warranty Services Review

Why Buy an Extended Warranty?

Small electronic devices and appliances are a part of our daily lives. We feel inclined to buy the newest smartphone, 60-inch HD TV or camera. Unless you purchase your devices online, the cashier will ask if you'd like to add an extended warranty to your new product that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Most people decline. We, as consumers, look for a price point and don't want anything extra tacked onto the price.

For those who turn down an extended warranty in the store, there are several options to add an electronics warranty using an online service. Typically, these services let you insure a product within 30 to 90 days after the original purchase date. The benefit of buying an extended warranty online and not directly from the store is that the warranty may be less expensive or could cover a longer time period.

The reason extended warranties are available is to prepare you for the worst. It is a case of Murphy's Law. If you purchase one, you may never need it. If you don't get an added warranty, your new tech gadget may break the day after the manufacturer's warranty ends. To make sure you get the best value on your peace of mind, we have examined and analyzed companies that sell online warranties. Our top-ranked services are SquareTrade, Consumer Priority Service and ElectronicWarranty.com. Also, check out our articles on the best extended warranty services to learn more.

Extended Warranties: What to Look For

There is a wide variety of companies that offer extended warranties and extended service contracts, and it pays to understand the difference between the two. Essentially, extended warranties generally draw out the original warranty supplied by the product's manufacturer. They tend to begin as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires. Extended service plans primarily offer protection for things that are not normally covered by a warranty, such as water damage and routine wear and tear. Some companies deal directly with the consumer, while other companies tend to deal more with business warranties.

In this section, we examined the different types of coverage for appliance and electronics warranties that each company offers and compared them based on variety and service options. Here you can compare the best electronics extended warranty services that provide coverage on repair and replacement plans, and in-home service. You can also learn whether items you purchase on eBay are covered.

Claim Services
This criterion often separates the great companies from the not so great. The best companies offer 24/7 claim services, offer quotes by phone or online and allow you to transfer the warranty coverage to someone else if you sell the insured item. We also looked at which companies start the warranty concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty and which ones start the warranty period the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Product Warranties
The variety of electronic products covered via a company's extended warranty services also played an important role in our rankings. Most services offer television and computer warranty products, but the best ones also cover some of the more esoteric products, such as global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle video and audio systems, and video gaming consoles.

Help & Support
This is perhaps the most important section in our ranking of extended warranty services. It could be argued that what customers are really buying when they buy an extended warranty service plan is customer service and technical support. There really isn't much more to these plans, so the companies that are the most accessible and supply the most help and support options are the ones that reached the top of our ranking.

No one plans for a new purchase to break or stop working soon after they buy it, but accidents happen. To lessen the impact of such an occurrence, an extended warranty can give you extra protection peace of mind.

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