Pros / Better World Club provides bicycle coverage.

Cons / There is an additional signup fee for new members.

 Verdict / This eco-friendly company offers generous discounts and reliable service for automobiles and bicycles while promoting green driving.

Better World Club is an environmentally conscious motor club that covers bicycles, cars, motorcycles and RVs. This emergency roadside assistance provider offers reliable road services, eco-friendly travel tools and retail discounts. Better World Club markets itself as America's only environmentally friendly auto club, and it certainly has good eco-friendly options. Additionally, this service provides coverage for bicycles, which is a real benefit if that is your main mode of transportation.

Better World Club has two plans for automobiles – Basic Auto and Premium Auto. A small one-time fee is applied to new memberships, and then you are billed annually. Each plan provides coverage for the primary member; however, you can add up to three more household members to a membership for an additional annual fee. There is a signup fee on top of the annual membership fee. However, the signup fee is waived if you sign up with three other people or are switching coverage from AAA. AAA is our top pick because it offers much more services with its premium plan. 

The company offers motorcycle and RV roadside assistance at an additional cost. There is also an annual membership for bicycle-only roadside assistance, or you can add a bicycle to your auto plan for an additional fee. All of the plans cover you as a member, not a specific vehicle or bicycle. This means that you can receive breakdown service regardless of whether you are driving one of your own vehicles or a rental.

Better World Club provides assistance for a wide variety of possible roadside emergencies, including towing, battery jump-starts, flat tire changes, gasoline delivery, extrication for stuck vehicles and lockout services. The basic plan includes a towing service of only 5 miles from the place your car breaks down before additional charges accrue. The premium plan, in contrast, provides up to 100 miles of towing before you pay any additional costs. This service should cover most emergencies you encounter. On the bicycle plan, towing extends up to 30 miles with no additional fee. If you want to have unlimited towing and not worry about the hassle of worrying about towing mileage, Good Sam's auto and RV plan offers unlimited towing for a good price. 

Many travel perks are also included with this roadside assistance service. Maps are free for members, including bicycle maps. However, allow up to two weeks for these to be delivered to you by mail. Additionally, you can create a personalized trip route, though this also takes a couple weeks. One thing the company does not have, though, is a mobile app. A mobile app can make requesting service simple and, if it includes GPS, makes it easy for the company to find your location when you're stranded on the side of the road.

In addition to the roadside services and travel benefits of this company, you can receive discounts on hotels and car rentals. You get 10 to 30 percent off hotels and motels, including eco-friendly lodgings, and you can save up to 25 percent when renting a car from many companies.

We are impressed with the customer support from this company. Our interactions with representatives were pleasant, we didn't have to fight long and frustrating phone trees, and we received answers quickly.

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Better World Club is a unique emergency roadside assistance service that strives to make eco-friendly choices. You can add a bicycle to your auto plan at an additional cost or sign up for a bicycle-only service. Though it has some extra fees you won't encounter with all other services, its versatile coverage plans make this a great choice for conservationists.

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Travel Planning Assistance
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Car Insurance
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Arrest Bond Certificate
Online Trip Planner
Travel Interruption Reimbursement

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5 Miles
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Car Rental Discount

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