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BP MotorClub Review

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PROS / The premier plans include a dispatch guarantee for towing and reimburse you if a service provider cannot be found.

CONS / This company does not offer a mobile app, which would allow you to quickly request service and know help will be able to find you.

 VERDICT / BP MotorClub provides a good selection of roadside assistance and trip-planning services, though it has a few significant omissions and restrictions.

BP MotorClub is an emergency roadside assistance service that's available to help you 24/7. It offers three plans to choose from and provides your basic roadside assistance services, including towing, lockout services, discounts and travel options. However, it does have a few restrictions on its services, and it is missing some benefits of other roadside assistance companies.

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The three plans are Silver, Premier and Premier Plus. Silver is the most basic. It offers up to 5 miles of towing without any additional charges. Premier Plus, the most comprehensive coverage you can receive from BP MotorClub, provides up to 100 miles towing without an additional charge. Other services that all three plans offer include fuel delivery, jump-starting a dead battery and lockout assistance, which means the company dispatches a locksmith to unlock your vehicle. On the Silver plan, the company pays up to $60 for locksmith services, while on the premier plans, it pays up to $120 for locksmith expenses.

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On either of the premier plans, you receive a dispatch guarantee. If the company cannot locate a service for you, it pays up to $240 to cover expenses you incur for assistance. This guarantee is an excellent addition to the service that not many roadside assistance companies offer.

To enroll in a membership from BP MotorClub, you must be a resident of the United States. However, the company does not enroll residents from California. Other roadside assistance companies offer coverage to residents of any state. If you are a member of the club and live in another state, though, you can still receive service in California if you break down there.

BP MotorClub covers four-wheel vehicles, motorcycles, light trucks and RVs. However, on RVs with a carrying capacity of more than 2,000 pounds, it only offers fuel delivery and startup assistance. This company doesn't cover trailers either, such as utility or boat trailers.

Numerous discounts are available to you as a member of this service. You can receive discounts from many major car rental companies, including Budget, Hertz and National. You also get up to 40 percent off many hotels.

You can benefit from travel services with this motor club. The Pathfinder Trip Routing service is available to all plans and helps you find the best route if you are traveling in the United States, Mexico or Canada. It provides you with detailed information, including maps, mileage and even estimated driving times.

However, there are a few benefits many similar roadside assistance companies offer that BP MotorClub does not. There is no concierge service, which is a representative some companies provide to personally help you with your lodging plans. If you require an attorney to defend you for a moving violation, the company does not reimburse you for the legal fees, which is a benefit available from many other companies. BP MotorClub doesn't offer any type of mobile app either, which would allow you to request assistance quickly from your mobile device and show the company your exact GPS location.

For any questions regarding the company's roadside assistance plans, you can speak with representatives via email or telephone. A FAQs page on the company website can provide additional assistance you may need.


BP MotorClub's three plans provide a variety of perks and safety nets for drivers. This service provides coverage all over the United States and Canada, but if you are a resident of California, you cannot enroll in this club's services, which gives it a disadvantage over the companies that let you enroll from any state. The travel benefits are excellent, though it lacks some common premium perks that can come in extremely handy, including legal fee reimbursement and a mobile app.

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