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Pros / This company offers unlimited towing for no additional charge.

Cons / There is no coverage for RVs, trailers or motorcycles.

 Verdict / GM Motor Club is missing many perks that similar companies offer, but its basic services are top-notch.

GM Motor Club is a strong solution for basic roadside care. This roadside assistance company provides all of your essential services, including towing, tire changes, fuel delivery and jump-starting a dead battery. The customer support from this company is among the best we experienced when talking to representatives from emergency roadside companies. There is only one plan available from this company, so you don't have to sort through numerous options to find the best one for your needs, but this also means you don't have the option of paying for some premium services and membership perks.

You do not need to own a GM vehicle to enroll in the GM Motor Club, and membership covers you, your spouse and eligible children. For your children to be eligible, they must have a valid driver's license, be younger than 21, and live in your household or be away at school. There are no extra costs for adding your spouse to the membership, whereas many similar companies charge you a significant fee to add someone else to your plan. However, there is a small fee for adding your children.

Another large advantage to the GM Motor Club is its unlimited towing. You can have your vehicle towed to the nearest service station without any additional charges. Most companies on our lineup have limits on how far your vehicle can be towed before you incur additional charges.

This roadside assistance plan includes all basic services, such as fuel delivery if you run out of gasoline, jump-starts for a dead battery and tire changes. There are also a few additional perks, notably trip-planning assistance. You can simply call the GM Motor Club and it'll put together a detailed, personalized route to help you reach your destination. The company sends the detailed trip plan to you by mail, so you must allow yourself plenty of time to receive the plan.

As a member, you receive discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises and attractions. However, if you need to hire an attorney to defend a moving violation or other vehicle-related incident, the company does not provide any reimbursement for your attorney fees as some other companies do. There is also no mobile app to help you quickly and easily call for assistance, which would also ensure help can find you with GPS technology.

GM Motor Club covers all automobiles, including SUVS, trucks and vans, but there is no coverage for RVs or motorcycles. Utility trailers and boat trailers are not covered under this roadside assistance plan either. Many other services have plans that give you more options in this area.

We were greatly impressed with the customer support we received from the company. Our interactions with representatives were excellent. They were professional and addressed all of our concerns and questions. There is also a FAQs page on the company website for additional information.

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  • Premium Plan
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  1. The cost for a one-year basic membership plan.
    Less is Better.
  2. 9  GM Motor Club
  3. 1  AAA
  4. $79.95
  5. $52.0
  6. Category Average


GM Motor Club provides one plan with all the basic roadside services, with the rare benefits of unlimited towing and free addition of your spouse to the plan. However, this company does not offer coverage for RVs, motorcycles or trailers, nor does it give you the benefits of a mobile app and legal fee reimbursement, so it's a very basic service compared to other companies' best plans.

GM Motor Club Visit Site