Pros / This company tows your vehicle to the nearest service station, no matter the distance, without charging additional fees.

Cons / This company does not provide legal fee reimbursements.

 Verdict / This roadside assistance service is hard to beat, especially for drivers who have multiple vehicles to cover, including RVs, and travel long distances.

Good Sam Roadside Assistance ranks near the top of our review for its unlimited towing, extensive vehicle and family coverage, and numerous discounts. It is also one of the best roadside assistance companies for RV coverage. This service does not have all the limitations that many similar companies impose, such as state and age restrictions, and its customer support is excellent.

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This company provides all of the basic services we look for in the best roadside assistance companies. It offers three plan choices: Auto Platinum, which is your basic plan for automobiles; Auto & RV Standard, which is coverage for RVs, automobiles, boat trailers and motorcycles; and Auto & RV Platinum, which covers multiple RVs and automobiles, boat and sport utility trailers, and motorcycles. Because of the higher coverage levels, Good Sam is more expensive than our top pick, AAA.

Standard Services

One benefit that helps this company stand out is that it tows your vehicle to the nearest service station without any additional charge. However, additional towing charges may apply if you request towing services in Mexico, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is a large benefit to this service, as many similar companies only cover you for up to 5 miles or $100 before you must pay the remaining amount out of pocket.

Furthermore, you receive lockout assistance when you lock your keys in your vehicle and tire change services. A jump-start for a dead battery and gasoline delivery are also available. When you run out of gas, the company delivers up to 5 gallons of fuel to you at no charge. This is another benefit to this service, as many similar companies charge you for any fuel they bring. However, if you need additional fuel or fluids, you must pay for that out of pocket.


When you become a member of Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you are covered across the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Furthermore, no matter what state you reside in, you can enroll in the company's services. This is an excellent perk, as some companies have restrictions on certain states and locations, and one of the widest ranges of coverage in our lineup. For cross-country trips or frequent travel outside of the United States, this roadside assistance coverage is outstanding.

Each plan covers all street-legal vehicles, including minivans, SUVs, pickups, RV trailers, and leased or rented vehicles. Good Sam Roadside Assistance covers the member rather than specific vehicles. Whether you choose a basic or premium membership, your membership automatically covers you, your spouse and dependent children under 25 years of age.

Premium Upgrades or Plan

With a premium plan from Good Sam Roadside Assistance, you receive many additional perks, including a large selection of retail discounts. On the RV Standard or RV Platinum plan, you can receive a 15 percent discount at AAMCO transmission centers. With the RV Platinum plan, you get up to 25 percent off rental cars and 20 percent off hotels. With the premium plan options, you can also take advantage of an emergency medical referral service. When you need a medical professional, the company provides referrals to help you find the best care possible. If you're over 50 years old and you're looking for premium services, AARP offers the most affordable premium plan we researched.

Another large benefit to this service is its mobile app. The Good Sam app allows you to request roadside assistance from anywhere with your smartphone. The app uses GPS to allow the company to find you easily, which is particularly beneficial when you do not know your exact location.

Even though this company provides a wide assortment of benefits, it does not offer any type of legal defense reimbursement. This means that, unlike some roadside assistance companies, Good Sam does not reimburse you for legal fees that result from a driving violation. It does not provide any arrest bond certificates either, which some services give you in place of cash so that you can keep your driver's license if you are arrested for a moving violation.

Help & Support

Good Sam provides strong customer support. We corresponded with representatives via email and telephone, and all of our interactions were pleasant. The representatives we talked to answered our questions and provided the information we looked for. Additionally, the company offers a FAQs page on its website that addresses many questions and concerns you may have about its roadside assistance plans.


Good Sam Roadside Assistance offers three excellent packages to choose from. While it specializes in RV service, Good Sam is also a great option for standard vehicle owners. It provides coverage for the entire family and all over North America. Good Sam has services that show it is willing to go the extra mile, like an emergency medical referral service, and it tows your car to the nearest service station, regardless of the distance, without charging you extra. With its wide coverage area, you can be confident that you'll get the help you need, no matter where the road takes you.

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