Pros / For those that like a very logical approach to language learning, this may well work for you.

Cons / The course only consists of audios and workbooks.

 Verdict / Most language learners won't find Synergy Spanish to their liking, but it may well work for you.

Synergy Spanish is a method of teaching Spanish that is based on patterns. The writer of the course claims the student only needs to know 138 words to be able to get by in the Spanish language. A memory technique is reportedly used, but we were unable to get information on the type of technique they employ. This learn Spanish online course consists of audios and workbooks. These can either be downloaded or sent through the mail.

The Synergy Spanish site is very sparse and no articles were to be found. This is a shame since the author currently lives in Mexico and could be sharing his experiences with his students.

The founder of the course does not pretend to make people totally fluent in the language; rather the claim is clearly to enable the student to get by in Spanish.

There is no audio interaction, but the course claims to have ways to reduce tension when attempting to speak to native Spanish speakers. In fact, the author claims he has ways to get the native speakers to warm up to the language learner.

Spanish Synergy’s approach does sound very enlightening. In fact, linguists have been saying for years that the way to teach a language is through natural discourse. However, even though Marcus Santamaria strives to get his students to a point where they can converse or make themselves understood with native speakers, there is no option for speaking with an instructor, rather than by e-mail.

After purchasing the course, the student gets a personal Spanish coach for 90 days. The Spanish coach is also the owner and creator of the course, Marcus Santamaria.

The various dialects in Spanish do not seem to be addressed in the product and the author’s focus seems to be on Mexican Spanish.

The author claims to use only what he believes are useful words and phrases. From the website it is very clear that most of the lessons are built around the needs of travelers.

This site does not feature any forums. It is clear from the testimonials that the students would enjoy bettering their Spanish by initiating contact with each other.

Getting by in Spanish is Spanish Synergy’s motto. They claim that too much grammar knowledge confuses learners and actually causes them to communicate worse. Instead of made up language that is normally used in the classroom, Spanish Synergy’s lessons feature real sentences, the way real people would speak. The lessons also leave out irrelevant material and focus on what’s important in the language.


Synergy Spanish uses a method that relies on students learning a mere 138 Spanish words and from that point on, the student will be headed in the right direction to becoming conversational in the Spanish language. Since Marcus Santamaria only promises to get his students to the point where they can get by in Spanish, we feel assured that his product will do what it promises.