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Office Tutorials Review

Why Buy Microsoft Office Tutorials?

Microsoft Office tutorials can boost your productivity at work and help you get ahead of the curve in learning new skills. Plus, certificates of completion for these courses will showcase your skills to current and potential employers.

You can learn tricks like keyboard shortcuts that streamline the process of working with the programs you use every day. Other courses will teach you how to use specific programs or features so you can increase your knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite. If you aren't an expert with Microsoft Office, courses can help you learn the basics and keep up with the growing need for computer skills in your daily personal and professional life. For further information, check out our articles on Office Tutorials. We are particularly impressed with the training offered by Lynda, Learn iT! Anytime and Udemy.

Microsoft Office Tutorials: What to Look For

Before selecting a service, consider your current skill level with Microsoft Office. Try taking advanced courses for programs you use frequently. Challenging courses will boost your productivity and teach you impressive tricks. For causal learning, find a course that interests you most and a service with extras like blog posts or outside links to supplemental information. Many services offer multi-user subscriptions or registration, a great option if you own a business or want to train a group of employees.

Features and Topics
If you're an interactive learner, look for exercise files you can use to work with the instructor as you watch the video. These downloadable files contain the same images and documents your instructor uses in the video, so you can duplicate the instructor’s work and practice the skills you’re learning. We also like to see captions or transcripts with the videos. Some services offer interactive or printable transcripts so you can read ahead to find the relevant parts of the video. Most online tutorial services allow you to view course outlines before you select a course to complete. You’ll know what to expect from a course and whether that course will give you the specific skills you want to learn from the contents for chapters and lessons. Look for video lessons that allow you to work at your own pace and use an engaging teaching style.

Office Courses
Tutorials for widely used programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are easy to find on any of the services we reviewed. However, if you want to catch up with the latest Microsoft Office version or improve your skills, look for a service with advanced tutorials for these programs. Most sites provide the basics or overviews for the lesser-known Office suite programs, but not all of them give you more than that. Tutorials and courses for programs like Microsoft Project or Visio are hard to find because they aren't as popular.

 Device Compatibility
Look for a service that lets you take your learning with you wherever you go. Pick a course that works for all of your gadgets, at home and on the go, so you can access tutorials whether you’re at home on the couch, working in the office or traveling across the country.

Microsoft Office has become a staple at home, school and work. Tutorials for these popular programs are helpful for professionals, students and home users alike. Whether you want to bolster your resume or just increase your productivity at work, Microsoft Office tutorials make it easy and convenient to learn new programs and features or to brush up on better ways to perform familiar tasks.

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