Microsoft Office tutorials can boost your productivity at work and help you get ahead of the curve in learning new skills. Plus, certificates of completion for these courses will showcase your skills to current and potential employers. When we selected tutorials for our buying guide, we looked for courses that teach you the basics of Microsoft Office and help you keep up with today’s growing need for computer skills in personal and professional life. We also looked for programs that let you learn at your own pace and select specific courses so you can focus your efforts on where you need to improve most. 

In this article, you will find standouts for the most customized tutorials, the best course for beginners, the best tutorials for Mac users and the best bargain tutorial. For more information about Office tutorials, check out some of our other articles.

Best Custom Tutorials

Webucator offers completely customized courses. In addition to offering the standard library of video tutorials for you to view and learn from, Webucator works with you directly. You can contact Webucator to discuss your needs and what areas you would like to focus on. The service will provide a personalized webinar run by one of its qualified instructors. During this seminar, you and your instructor will communicate using a webcam, and your instructor can even connect to your desktop remotely. This lets you see their screen on your computer and vise-versa. During the webinar you can stop your instructor to ask questions or ask them to go over complicated tasks again – an option that isn’t available in pre-recorded videos. Like a normal class setting, Webucator offers quizzes and course workbooks, so you can gauge your progress and return to areas where you still need improvement. Because Webucator offers customized courses, you can focus on improving in the areas where you struggle the most.


Online seminars, or webinars, are a trending way to learn a new skill online while maintaining a classroom environment. Webucator provides several kinds of Microsoft Office tutorials, including webinars. If you prefer in-person learning, Webucator will send a subject matter expert to personalize a course based on your goals, whether that’s just to solidify basic Microsoft Office skills or learn the finer points of programs like Excel or Word. Live seminars are a better option for companies than it is for individuals, since personalized training can be expensive. If you are a manager looking for a good way to improve your employees’ skills or to have them all learn certain tasks at once, Webucator’s live webinars are a good option.

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Best Tutorial for Beginners

Lynda offers a huge library of online courses for Microsoft Office and Office 365. Each Microsoft product – Excel, Word, PowerPoint and even OneNote – has multiple trainings offered. Microsoft Office tutorials are sorted into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories. By sorting tutorials, Lynda makes it easy for you to find the best tutorial for your skill level and work your way up. This ensures that as a beginner, you will not time struggling to find a course at your skill level.

Since Lynda is owned by LinkedIn, it has the resources of a large company and uses them to create comprehensive, quality Microsoft Office tutorials. Each tutorial is organized by chapter, so you know exactly what each course covers, and you can even skip ahead if you need to. This organization also makes it easy to pause a course and return to it later, without worrying about losing your spot. These well-organized courses start at the beginning level and help you continue to develop your skillset.

Lynda is an online learning library with an extensive collection of Microsoft Office tutorials and courses. These video training courses contain watchable, interactive lessons and have features to help you learn and retain new skills in programs like Excel and Word. features an array of courses for different versions of the entire Office family. Once you choose a course to take, the site and video features help you work at your own pace on any level.

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Best Tutorials for Mac

Even though Microsoft Office has mainly been geared toward Windows platforms, Mac users are not excluded. Learn iT! offers courses in Office’s most popular programs, including Excel and Word. Microsoft Office courses for Mac are sorted into four different skill levels: beginner, intermediate and two advanced levels. Using a Mac shouldn’t limit your options when selecting Office software or tutorials for learning the programs. Because Office for Windows and Office for Mac differ, it is important to choose a tutorial specifically created for your operating system, so you do not miss out on important information.

Learn iT! Anytime

Microsoft Office tutorials for programs you use every day are a great alternative to college courses and cost significantly less. Learn iT Anytime has thorough courses in relevant topics like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These skills can improve your professional life in a short period. If you travel often for work, you can access your account on Learn iT Anytime from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to watch course videos and even work with the programs as the instructors show you on the video.

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Best Tutorial at a Bargain

Most Microsoft Office and Office 365 tutorials are offered with a subscription that you pay monthly or yearly. Udemy offers Microsoft Office training on a pay-as-you-go basis. This saves you the costs of paying a monthly fee for access to a library of tutorials and allows you to only pay for the courses you actively take.

Prices for courses, ranging from beginning to advanced, start at less than $20. Every course is created by a Microsoft Office expert. Since the tutorials are pre-recorded, you can learn at your own pace and at any time. Udemy’s flexible courses and its no-commitment pricing plan make it a money-wise option for quality tutorials.


This is a learning marketplace where instructors from any field create lessons on a diverse array of topics. You could learn about dog training one moment and switch to Microsoft Office lessons the next. This tutorials site offers courses on anything instructors want to share and has created a sizeable library of Microsoft Office tutorials.

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Advanced Tutorials and Extra Features

Tutorials for widely used programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are easy to find on any of the services we reviewed. However, if you want to catch up with the latest Microsoft Office version or get beyond basic use, look for a service with advanced tutorials for these programs. Most sites provide the basics for the lesser-known Office suite programs, but not all of them give you more than that. Tutorials and courses for programs like Microsoft Project or Visio are hard to find because they aren't as popular. Lynda and Edulearn both offer some of these less common tutorials.

Along with advanced tutorials, consider what extras you get in addition to each course. You can download worksheets, to work with the instructor as you watch the video or to test yourself with after. Captions and transcripts with the videos are another bonus that help you learn. Some services, like Total Training, offer interactive or printable transcripts so you can read ahead to find the relevant parts of the video.

Learning On the Go

Look for a service that lets you take your learning with you wherever you go. Pick a course that works for all of your gadgets, at home and on the go, so you can access tutorials whether you’re at home on the couch, working in the office or traveling across the country.

The online Microsoft Office training you select will depend largely on your personal and professional goals, your budget and what areas of Office you want to focus on. The best online tutorials for you will make it easy and convenient to learn new programs and to brush up on better ways to perform familiar tasks.