Pros / SpellCheckPlus Pro summarizes your mistakes into different grammatical categories and gives feedback for possible corrections, which can help improve your grammar and writing.

Cons / This grammar checker does not check for wordiness or plagiarism, and it lacks telephone support. It did not score as high as some competitors in our Accuracy test.

 Verdict / This online grammar check service can help you learn to improve your grammar and writing.

SpellCheckPlus Pro online grammar check offers all the accuracy features and tools we looked for in our evaluation, but it scored lower on our Accuracy test than our top three products. Nevertheless, this online grammar checker has many strengths.

This service helps you learn to improve your grammar by highlighting mistakes and offering suggestions to fix them. It's interactive, so after a text is corrected, you review the suggested corrections at the bottom of the user interface and implement them manually by placing your cursor in the text window and typing the correction. It's intended to be a teaching tool.

Spelling errors appear in red in your text, and grammatical errors are highlighted in yellow. Suggested corrections and improvements to the errors appear below the grammar text window, or you can hover your mouse pointer over the red and highlighted words and phrases in the text window to have a suggested correction or improvement window pop up.

When two contiguous errors occur, SpellCheckPlus Pro will point out one. When you correct that error, it will point out the second contiguous error. In this way, you work through your text and learn to write better.

One of the best features of this online grammar checker is that it gives you a summary of your mistakes broken into categories, and suggestions and examples to fix the errors. For example, our test in SpellCheckPlus Pro revealed errors in the following categories: agreement, punctuation, spelling, word choice and word form. A few sample suggestions include "The verb should probably end in S" or "Most style guides suggest that single digit numbers be written in letters" or "You need to add a form of the verb be."

This grammar check service gives suggestions to rephrase your writing to make it better. For example, we wrote "talk about" in a sentence and SpellCheckPlus Pro stated: "This is correct. However, if you are writing an academic paper, we suggest you replace it with the verb discuss." And instead of "run fast," this grammar check recommends "Standard English prefers quickly in this context, e.g.: 'She works quickly,' since a verb is being modified. The form 'fast' is used to modify nouns, e.g.: a 'fast' car."

The online spell check component of SpellCheckPlus Pro catches your spelling errors and gives several possible solutions. For example, we misspelled "decisions" as "desisiions," and seven possible choices were given in this spell check. They included "decisions, decision's, desertions, disunion's, desertion's, Dennison's and deerskin's." You can choose the correct one.

SpellCheckPlus Pro offers an explanatory video that demonstrates the product and points out its strengths and best uses. There are FAQs to answer your questions as well as email support. This online grammar check service does not offer telephone support or live chat.

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  1. The percent of mistakes identified, graded on a curve.
  2. 4  SpellCheckPlus Pro
    59.0 Percent
  3. 95.0 Percent
  4. 95.0 Percent
  5. 100.0 Percent
  6. Category Average
    79.2 Percent


SpellCheckPlus Pro didn't score as high in our Accuracy test as some of its competitors, but this online grammar check service helps you learn grammar through an interactive process of implementing suggested corrections. It summarizes your mistakes in different grammatical categories, which can be helpful for improving your writing.

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