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Pros / WhiteSmoke online grammar checker ranks high in accuracy, offers great customer support and is super easy to use.

Cons / This online grammar check does not offer interactive grammar exercises.

 Verdict / WhiteSmoke online grammar check catches many grammar mistakes, is easy to use and offers full customer support. We recommend it.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

WhiteSmoke online grammar check is a comprehensive tool to correct bad grammar and help you learn to write better. Its online interface is modern, fluid and intuitive. You need not read any instructions to use this grammar check service.

Its high accuracy score and host of useful tools make it one of the best online grammar checkers available, for which WhiteSmoke earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

It's a quick and easy way to check your writing for spelling and grammatical errors. This application works for a basic grammar check on most types of writing, and it caught many of the mistakes in our test paragraph, which was full of errors.

  • Accuracy Score
  • Ease of Use
  • Correction Speed
  1. The percent of mistakes identified, graded on a curve.
  2. 2  WhiteSmoke
    95.0 Percent
  3. 95.0 Percent
  4. 100.0 Percent
  5. Category Average
    79.2 Percent


WhiteSmoke received a 95 percent Accuracy Score in our testing, which does not mean that it found 95 percent of all errors. It found many errors, but we graded these online grammar services on a curve. WhiteSmoke – as well as the top product – tied for second in accuracy. Comparatively, Microsoft Word scored 78 percent in accuracy.

WhiteSmoke found complicated grammar issues in our bad-writing sample such as subject/verb agreement, sentence structure and use of negatives. It offers all the accuracy features we looked for in our evaluation but one. It does not identify misuse of possessives. WhiteSmoke's online spell check caught all the spelling mistakes in our bad-grammar test paragraph.

Editing & Feedback

In addition to a thorough spell check, WhiteSmoke suggests style changes to make your writing more concise. It can correct errors in your writing, and you can learn the rules behind the corrections.

A Writing Review is posted at the bottom of the online user interface. It rates your writing as Poor, Fair or Excellent and lists the number of sentences, words and characters. It breaks your errors into three categories: spelling, grammar and style. It also has small bar graphics that rate writing components such as sentence length, sentence structure, voice, redundancy, appropriate language and word choice.

This online grammar check offers built-in tutorials to teach you almost everything you would want to know about grammar. The tutorials cover capitalization, correlative constructions, mechanical errors, punctuation, sentence structure, set phrases, spelling, stylistic errors, tenses, noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectives and adverbs, hyphens, prepositions and pronouns.

WhiteSmoke offers all standard word processing tools to let you alter and adjust your text, as well as a few tools that go beyond your standard spell check services and software. There's a built-in tool that offers a host of templates in four categories: Business, General, Legal and Medical. You can copy the templates for use in other applications such as Word. WhiteSmoke online grammar check even offers a built-in translator that will translate in more than 50 languages.

Ease of Use

WhiteSmoke is very easy to use. It offers one of the cleanest and most modern interfaces available. You simply log in and paste your text in the edit window. A few seconds later, colored lines appear under mistakes in the text. Grammar mistakes are underlined in green, style suggestions in blue and spelling mistakes in red. Scroll your mouse over an underlined word and an explanation of the error appears. Left click with your mouse on an underlined word and a pop-up menu appears listing possible corrections and extra tools. You simply click on one of the possible corrections to fix your mistake in the text.

The extra tools in the pop-up menu are truly helpful and include an online spell check dictionary, a thesaurus and an explanation guide telling you why the underlined word is in error. There's also a How To Use guide that lists usage examples of the underlined words and an Enrichment guide to give further direction on use of the underlined words.

We tested a 340-word paragraph five times for correction speed and averaged the trials. WhiteSmoke had the second fastest speed at 3.7 seconds.

Help & Support

WhiteSmoke scored stronger than its competitors in help and support because it offers the most support options. It's the only online grammar check that offers live chat, which is handy when sitting at your computer. There are also online FAQs to help you quickly find answers to questions you may have. You can contact customer support via email and also reach representatives by telephone through a toll-free number. Representatives were helpful and answered our questions.


WhiteSmoke is an excellent online grammar checker that offers a full array of features and tools. It scores high in accuracy and is easy to use and intuitive. It doesn't catch all grammar mistakes, but it will help improve your grammar and writing. We recommend it.

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