If your student is struggling in school or looking to improve their grades, online tutoring can help. Eduboard is one of the best online tutoring services because it offers an extensive subject range for any homework help. This online tutoring service offers one-on-one tutoring in a virtual lab to effectively help students understand the subjects.

Eduboard offers simple and competitive pricing plans. There is no monthly plan; you're charged only for the tutoring service you use and nothing more. You are able to choose 15- or 30-minute tutoring sessions. When you post a question or problem, Eduboard's tutors will respond and offer any tutoring help they can provide.

Different tutors on the site have different prices, so you can choose which price and which tutor best suit you. Because the plans are by the minute, if a student needs a lot of extra homework help, the costs add up and can get expensive. Expert tutors are ready to help you 24/7. There is a list of customer favorite tutors you can choose from. Most of the tutors have a higher education degree ranging from a bachelor's degree to a Ph.D. The online tutor profiles give you an inside look at each tutor's goals, work experience, schedule and subjects.

If you have a simple question about any subject, Eduboard provides a response in no more than two hours after you post the question. That way you can get help with the toughest problems before you have to hand in the assignment.

Of course, this service also offers one-on-one help in the virtual classroom. There is a whiteboard feature that allows students and tutors to interact simultaneously. There is a private chat board in the classroom that allows for asking and answering questions efficiently. There is also a video chat option through Skype so you can have live face-to-face help sessions. These special features in the virtual classroom can accommodate students with impaired hearing or vision. This online tutoring service focuses solely on helping you solve the problems you need help with. It doesn't offer extra videos, games or worksheets.

Eduboard is a secure site. The service asks for personal information to make sure you are matched with the best tutor, but it prides itself on taking privacy issues seriously and will safeguard any personal information. There is an in-depth privacy policy on the website, and you can contact the company if you have any concerns that were not addressed.

There are no upfront, easy-to-access parent resources. However, the site is easy to navigate. Eduboard offers over 32 different subjects. You can receive help in any level of math, science, English and social studies course. Help is available for those who speak English as a second language. Along with ESL, you can get help with learning other languages like Japanese and French. Eduboard also has a special service just for test prep, including help for AP studies and ACT/SAT test prep.

On the Eduboard website, you'll find a list of favorite or most selected topics. These include algebra, essay writing and computer sciences. Besides the standard subjects, it offers help in things like business and anthropology, expanding tutoring to some courses on the college level.

You can contact customer service via phone or email. There's also a contact sheet you can fill out and a FAQs page that contains common question and answers from other customers. You can connect with Eduboard on social networking sites. There is a blog with information as well.

Eduboard provides help in standard subjects like math and science, but it also offers tutoring in languages and advanced subjects. There's also a special program specifically for test prep, including SAT/ACT. The screened and expert tutors are at the ready whenever you need them, and the virtual classroom tools will help enhance any student's online learning experience. Tutor profiles make it easy to pick which tutor will best fit the needs of your child. If you fall within these ranges, Eduboard will give you what you need in an online tutoring service.

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