MindLaunch online tutoring sessions are paid for in advanced. All sessions last 50 minutes, and you can purchase small group or private sessions. The price for each session varies depending on the subject and whether it's a one-on-one or small group session.

All of MindLaunch's tutors are U.S. licensed teachers. They all have advanced degrees, and several have a Ph.D. in their fields. Each tutor is matched to a student where the learning and teaching styles are compatible.

Teachers are not available 24/7. You have to schedule and set up sessions with teachers. Sessions are flexible, and tutors will generally work with you to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

A whiteboard feature is available for students and tutors to work together in two-way communication, in real time, on lessons and problems. There is a video chat option so students can hear and see what the teachers are trying to explain. There is a chat messaging system as well, so students can type out questions they might have.

The company runs annual background checks on all of its online tutors and regularly monitors tutor performance to ensure a quality and safe learning environment. The company will not release any personal information to outside third parties. Your student's privacy and safety are important, and MindLaunch follows the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which forbids any sharing of names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can view the full privacy statement on MindLaunch's website.

This company offers tutoring for a wide variety of school subjects and grades. All subjects for grades K-12 are available for homework help, and you can get SAT and ACT test prep. MindLaunch also advises students. Its advising sessions don't just apply to online tutoring. They extend to student life outside of school and homework. MindLaunch makes a point to communicate with parents about student needs and academic progress. After that discussion, MindLaunch will recommend a road map of courses students can take throughout middle school and high school. Your child can also get advice on extracurricular activities as well as getting help with study skills and time management.

If you need to contact MindLaunch, you can utilize the phone number or email address listed on the website. For more help, you can peruse the FAQs page on the company website or visit the resources page, which provides information about subjects like filling out college applications.

MindLaunch online tutoring offers qualified teachers to help students achieve and learn through tutoring sessions. Students can participate in private or group sessions. The group sessions allow kids to bounce ideas off each other for a more collaborative learning experience. With homework help for students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects, MindLaunch will help your student's grades improve with each session they take.

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