Smarthinking online tutoring, by Pearson, offers one-on-one tutoring sessions to high school and college students. The service focuses on tutoring higher-education students to ensure a quality learning experience for better job opportunities after graduation. All tutors are seasoned educators who have advanced degrees in their chosen fields. Smarthinking's tutors encourage students with constructive criticism, treat them with respect and help them by identifying areas to improve.

This online tutor has a secure website. The company has an in-depth privacy policy that should answer any security questions you may have. The only private information the website obtains is information you give it voluntarily.

There are plenty of different pricing options depending on students' needs. You can get help by the hour or submit an essay for revision, in which case the pricing will vary depending on how much help you need.

Smarthinking offers a whiteboard feature that allows students and tutors to work on problems simultaneously. There are no video chat options, which would be a nice feature for a more interactive learning environment.

SAT/ACT test prep help is part of Smarthinking's curriculum. The company offers homework help for all high school and college-level math and science classes. It also includes an English help program that provides feedback on essays. Smarthinking also offers assistance for students who speak English as a second language.

Students can submit papers to an online writing lab to receive feedback and edits. An online writing lab is a rare feature among online tutoring services, so consider Smarthinking if you are in a writing-intensive study program. You can submit a standard or long essay for review. The online tutors will even review a sole paragraph that you need help with. The writing lab will also go over résumés and cover letters to help you portray yourself properly and in the best light.

You can contact Smarthinking by email and phone. You can also connect with Smarthinking on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. There is a FAQs page on the Smarthinking website that has useful information that could save you a lot of time. A blog is also available, with popular articles and tips and tricks to help students enhance their learning abilities.

Smarthinking is an excellent online tutoring service for college and high school students. The writing center and whiteboard are excellent features that make this service stand out. The company's customer service is quick to respond to help you with any struggles you might have. Smarthinking is a smart choice to turn to for online tutoring services if you find that you aren't doing your best in your high school or college classes and you need help with your homework.

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