Pros / Chegg has a great product selection to go along with a sleek website design and outstanding customer service.

Cons / Rental period options are very limited.

 Verdict / Chegg is an excellent resource for college students, and it's a good choice for online textbook rentals.

Chegg has been in the online textbook rental business since 2005. The company's experience and inventory make it a solid choice if you're looking to rent textbooks, but it falls short of the best online textbook rental services, particularly in its limited rental period options. Chegg prides itself in being not only a source for online textbook rentals, but also a resource for students to get through their college lives as painlessly as possible.

Course reviews and planners are available on the Chegg website, as are systematic textbook solutions and course information. The help section on the top right of the homepage is simple and easy to use, and it covers the majority of the questions you could have when renting textbooks online.

Chegg offers a 21-day satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to return any book within 21 days for any reason for a full refund (minus shipping). To qualify, UPS must postmark the book within 21 days from the day the order was originally placed. This is helpful if you end up not needing the book for your class or if there is a problem with the book.

Chegg's website is well designed and allows for easy access to most of the necessary pages. The search bar is prominently displayed at the center of the homepage, allowing you to search by title, ISBN and author. Below the search bar is a link to Chegg's 21-day satisfaction guarantee – one of the biggest benefits of renting from Chegg. Above the search bar are quick links to several important elements of the Chegg website, including the textbook buyback program and personalized scholarship options.

The biggest detriment to Chegg's rental service comes from the limited rental options. Unfortunately, Chegg only provides one option for renting textbooks – a 125-day semester rental period. However, the company offers eTextbook rentals. Shipping options with Chegg are good, ranging from express to overnight delivery. However, the company does not offer free shipping. Mild highlighting is allowed, but you cannot write in textbooks rented from Chegg.

Chegg has great customer support if you have questions or concerns. You can contact them on social networking or by phone, email or live chat. Accessing live chat is tricky, however. If you go to the help screen and click on the prompt that says “click here to request refund” it will bring up Chat and Call prompts. You can also access the Chat and Call prompts if you type an inquiry, like “refund,” into the Customer Service & Help Center search bar and scroll to the bottom of the page.


While Chegg's rental options may not be as robust as other competing services', Chegg's inventory and years of experience make it a reliable choice for renting textbooks online. The lack of free shipping and rental period options hurts its overall service package. However, at the end of the day, you can feel comfortable renting textbooks online from Chegg, thanks to its 21-day satisfaction guarantee and solid customer service.