Pros / For the monthly fee, you can rent unlimited CDs.

Cons / This audiobook service offers mainly self-improvement audiobooks, and it is extremely out of date technologically.

 Verdict / If you are looking for something to motivate and inspire, and do not mind using CDs instead of downloads, this is the right place.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Most sites have changed from CDs and tapes to the downloading format, and with the onslaught of technology and mobile devices, AudioQueue might do better if it followed the pattern. This audiobook rental service is still only using CDs and tapes, and that could be a serious shortcoming for you if you need audiobooks downloaded onto a device.

The site does not offer audio samples for its customers, and the audiobooks you rent are not available for purchase.

The look and organization of the site are simple and lacking in any kind of special flourish. The search engine is on the homepage, as well as the link to the sign-up. There are also links to pages where you can view new titles, and choose categories to view, even though you can search within a category (such as Business).

AudioQueue focuses on self–help books for individuals and corporations. Their rental program works a little differently than most. Instead of sending you the entire title, they send you a certain number of CDs or tapes depending on your membership level.

This audiobook service doesn’t offer audiobooks on many diverse topics. Most of their audiobooks are based around self–improvement and improvement within a company. There are no audiobooks from the romance genre, no arts and entertainment books, no children’s and young adult fiction, and no Westerns.

Even though this site will be great for some business-minded people, its emphasis on this subject is a little puzzling when put in context with its lack of advancement in rental format offerings. Most companies want to stay updated with technological improvements, and most employees and their employers will probably not gravitate toward a site that is so out-of-date.

AudioQueue’s plans start at $21.95 per month, for one audio tape or CD out at a time, and the number of tapes you can check out per month is unlimited. You can also have two titles out at a time for $39.95 per month, or three titles out at a time for $53.95.

If you enjoy listening to multiple books interchangeably, this site will be a good choice for you, since many other services on our lineup do not allow you to rent more than one titles at a time. However, keep in mind that even the site’s one-rental service is considerably more expensive than most other sites on our lineup, and you will have the constraints of mail service rather than downloading.

The Help & Support services on the site are very good, but they look a little different than some other site. Instead of a Frequently Asked Questions page, it is titled ‘Most Common Questions.’ A phone support line is open during business hours, and the wait is not very long. There is also an email address you can send questions to, but unless the problem is not covered by the Most Common Questions page, you will probably not need it or the phone number. One shortcoming is the service’s lack of a user guide or forum.

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If you still prefer to listen to audiobooks on CD, and you do not mind receiving them in the mail, then this site will appeal to you. However, if you absolutely need downloads, for rent or purchase, and at a lower price, you might want to look at another choice on our lineup.

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