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Pros / It is a great way to rent books without having to purchase them.

Cons / The subscription is more expensive than some others, and the mailing service is not as quick as a download.

 Verdict / The genre selection and ease of use could be better, but it still has some good points.

On the Go Books may be one of the best mail-in audiobook rental services, on par with the way Netflix offers mail subscriptions to its members. However, it does not have as many options for people who prefer to rent or own audiobooks digitally.

Renting an audiobook online is much more efficient than having to drive all the way to your local library, and On the Go Books realizes that. Audiobook rentals through the service are divided into four different plans, depending upon how many books you want out at a time and how much you are willing to pay, since the price goes up as you add on books. However, there are no due dates or late fees, so the flat rate for whichever membership you choose is all you will have to pay.

Although the four membership options are good, you should not expect to find the most up-to-date design on the site’s other features. There is no downloading, so you will have to wait two to five days for your rental to arrive. You cannot listen to samples of audiobooks for rent, and there is no discount on sales if you decide you would like to purchase a book. Even though it has a good-sized number of titles at over 40,000, an audiobook rental service like this might not be for a more digitally inclined individual.

Even though the site is easy to navigate and there is no difficulty in signing up for its services, having to wait for shipping is a hassle. The site explains that it will take at least two days for each book to arrive, and you need to be prepared to wait longer if there are delays, which is not out of the question if you want to rent a very popular title.

There are a lot of books in the site’s library, but the spectrum of genres available is surprisingly limited. No books in Spanish are available, and there is not an arts and entertainment section on the site. No poetry or dramatic works are offered either, so students will not be able to use the site for some of their assignments. The site also does not have a recommended books section, or any links to respected lists such as The New York Times Best-sellers. Westerns are also excluded from On the Go Books’ library.

One way in which On the Go Books trumps some other audiobook rental sites is its help and support services. There is a phone line open during each day of the working week, and we were never kept waiting when we called. Email support can also be used, though the reply time is predictably longer than on the phone. A Frequently Asked Questions section is full of helpful information about the site’s services. The only things missing are a user guide and forum.

  • Number of Titles
  • Genres
  • Ease of Use
  • Plans Available
  1. How many audiobooks are offered from the library of each service.
    More is Better
  2. 7  On the Go Books
    40000.0 Number
  3. 150000.0 Number
  4. 50000.0 Number
  5. 40000.0 Number
  6. Category Average
    48900.0 Number


On the Go Books is great if you like to have a CD rather than downloading an audiobook, but if you want more options for reading choices, then take note of the genres it offers before making the decision to sign up for a membership.

On the Go Books Visit Site