With music download services, you can find millions of songs covering almost any genre you can imagine at prices that won't break the bank. We selected services for our lineup that feature a large inventory with thousands of songs. The companies on our lineup focus not only on purchasing and downloading songs but also on streaming music. When you pay for a subscription to a music streaming service, most companies allow you to download songs, making them available offline. If you don’t pay for the service, you can only listen to your favorite tunes or playlists while connected to the internet. We did not include any service that was illegal or did not have the proper licensing to sell music online. Read informative articles on digital music downloads.

Best for Music Selection

Your music interests may vary by your mood, activity or even the weather. You need a music downloader that provides plenty of options, for no matter what comes your way. iTunes is one of the largest and most popular music downloading services. This company features Apple Music, which is where you will find millions of songs to preview, purchase and download. You can search for music by genre, artists, albums and songs. You can listen to iTunes radio and stream music to add even more variety to your listening needs. Furthermore, this company not only provides plenty of music options, but you can also download movies, TV shows, podcasts and audiobooks all within this service as well. Many other music downloading websites on our lineup only provide music in their inventory.


iTunes Music Store offers a strong feature set including music videos, audiobooks, movies, television shows and games, an integrated music player, and in-depth information on artists and albums. You can use iTunes to play your music on almost any device, and its interface provides extremely simple music management.

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Best for Streaming Music

Streaming music is one of the most popular ways of listening to your favorite tunes. It allows you to listen to music that is similar to your own interests, and it's an easy way to find new songs and artists that you enjoy. Spotify is one of the best services for streaming music. It provides a large variety of artists, albums and genres to listen to. You can also listen to pre-created playlists or create your own. You can search for playlists by genre, artist and even mood or activity. Additionally, this music streaming service is compatible with most mobile devices so you can listen while on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. If you pay for a subscription from the service, you can enjoy many additional benefits including ad-free listening and the ability to listen to playlists offline.


Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. This company provides millions of songs to browse through and allows you to create numerous playlists. You can listen to all of the newest releases and some of your favorite oldies, and you can play all of your tunes on your computer and most mobile devices.

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Best for Managing Music

If you purchase a large number of songs, you need an easy way to access, view and utilize your entire music library. Amazon is one of the best options for managing your music library. When you click into your Amazon library, you can filter your songs by recently added, albums, artists, songs and even your imported music. You can also create playlists and easily drag songs into the playlist to make the creation process even easier. You can also view all of your recently added and recently downloaded music, which allows you to view all of your new tunes in one place without searching through numerous playlists.  Furthermore, you can access all of your Amazon Music on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Amazon Music

Amazon's music platform has become a favorite of music lovers throughout the world. This music download service provides thousands of songs to browse, download and listen to as you please. This webstore also offers several options for accessing and downloading music, including buying digital tracks and albums or choosing music through Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Payment Options & Support

Payment Options
Each company has a different way to pay for the music you download. Some companies require that you pay per month and the monthly subscription includes a specified number of downloads for the month. Other companies, such as iTunes, allow you to pay per song. Companies like MP3 Panda require that you pay for credits. You then use those credits to pay for each of your downloads.

Music downloading companies are often limited in the types of payment options they accept. Many of the best companies accept most credit cards including MasterCard and Visa. Only a few of the best music download sites allow you to pay by gift card or other methods such as PayPal.

Help & Support
Good support is key when using a music download service. The best services have support built into their website, such as FAQs or a knowledgebase for quick reference. The service’s support staff should be friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Look for companies that provide email, telephone and live chat options for speaking with representatives if any questions or concerns arise.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting your digital musical library or are looking to expand your bulging collection – with music download services, you can find the perfect music that will move you today, tomorrow and always.