eMusic is a music download website that allows you to find fabulous new artists and tracks. This company uses your individual tastes in music to find tunes that you are likely to enjoy. With this service, you can browse through millions of songs and download them in an MP3 format, allowing you to play them on almost all computers and mobile devices.

This company offers thousands of songs you can purchase. When searching for music, you can browse by new arrivals, genres, top charts, albums and artists. When you choose a genre, you can filter your search even more by choosing the decade, when the music was new on eMusic and the highest-rated songs in that genre. You can also filter by the content of the song – for example, if the song is a compilation, played live, a multi-disc set or features explicit lyrics.

One of the advantages to using this service is it can help you find unique music based on your individual tastes. This feature allows you to find new artists and albums that match your musical preferences.

When using this music download service, you have two options to purchase and download music. You can either purchase music directly from the company store or become a member and purchase a membership plan. When you purchase a plan, you get a select number of downloads every month, which makes each download significantly cheaper than if you purchased it without a membership from the music store.

All of your downloads are in MP3 format, which allows you to listen on all types of devices, including computers, iOS devices and Android smartphones. In addition, once you purchase the song, the file is yours. eMusic's downloads never expire and the songs are yours forever, which isn't common practice among music services.

There are many support resources available on the company website. Support articles and FAQs are available to answer any questions you may have about this service, and should you need to talk to a representative from the company, email options are available.

eMusic is an excellent option to download new and unique music. The inventory is large on this music download site and you can subscribe to a membership plan to save money on each download. In addition, there are audiobooks you can enjoy, though there isn't a streaming service. If you have questions about the download service, plenty of support resources are available to answer your questions.