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EZ-Tracks Review

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Originally a traditional subscription music download service, EZ-Tracks has now gone the way of free. However, we found that very few things are truly free and while trying to find and download our favorite songs, we were bombarded with advertisement after advertisement. By the time you have one song downloaded, you are exhausted from looking for and clicking the “no thanks” button. Additionally, we discovered EZ-Tracks sold our email address shortly after signing up for the service and we have since been getting junk mail. 

EZ-Tracks only has about 50,000 songs in its database, and only 100 songs at a time are available for full download. The rest include 30 second samples, ringtones and links to iTunes or eMusic.

Interestingly, we noticed that all of the artists have an asterisk (*) listed next to their names; we discovered that this indicated that the song was not by the original artist. When we emailed EZ-Tracks about this, we never received a response.

EZ-Tracks seems to have an interesting idea. However, the excessive ads, junk email, questionable artists and lack of selection makes this site hard to use and we question whether the free is really worth it.

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