iTunes Music Store offers a strong feature set including music videos, audiobooks, movies, television shows and games, an integrated music player, and in-depth information on artists and albums. You can use iTunes to play your music on almost any device, and its interface provides extremely simple music management.

In addition to music, the iTunes Store also includes movies, television shows, podcasts, audio books, apps and more. With all those choices, there's no shortage of entertaining audio and visual content.

iTunes is home to Apple Music, which is where you will find all of your music downloading tools. Within this service, you can search for music by genre, artist, album and song. If you like discovering new music, you can find emerging artists and new songs as well. You can also sort through playlists and create your own. Apple Music will also create a custom playlist based on your music interests, so you can easily find and listen to new songs and artists without any extra work.

One of the advantages to using iTunes is when you purchase and download a song or even import a CD, all of the music is stored in a music library. All of the music in your iTunes library is also available through iCloud. This means that no matter what device you choose, whether an iMac, Apple TV or even an Android phone or PC, you have access and can listen to your music.

If you are connected to the internet, you have the ability to stream music through iTunes. However, if there is no signal available, you can only play your downloaded songs. With iTunes, you also have the ability to listen to the radio and download thousands of podcasts.

If you plan to regularly use Apple Music, there are three membership options available: individual, family and student plans. The individual plan gives one-person access to Apple Music. The family membership plan allows up to six people to use the account, and the student plan is a discounted music plan. You will receive full access to Apple Music but you must be a college student. Through each of these plans, you pay per month.

If you have any questions about iTunes, Apple provides numerous support options. You can view support articles, access the Community and get feedback from other users or even receive telephone support for a more personalized answer.

iTunes offers one of the largest selections of digital music on the internet. You can download movies and TV shows through iTunes, and Apple Music makes searching and downloading music a fast and simple process. You can organize and manage your music through with a music library that's accessible on all of your devices.