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MP3 Fiesta Review

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PROS / MP3 Fiesta adds new music often.

CONS / MP3 Fiesta frequently closes down, and you have to purchase account points that sometimes disappear when the site does.

 VERDICT / While the music is inexpensive, the website feels unstable. Proceed with caution.

MP3 Fiesta is an unique music download service that prices songs based on popularity, starting from $.10 to more than a dollar. All downloads are in MP3 format and in some cases, you can get an entire album for less than a dollar.

They have about one million songs and although MP3 Fiesta includes many major artists and labels, the selection on those artist is hit-and-miss. Popular selections include the Foo Fighters, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Hannah Montana, 3 Doors Down and more.

We enjoyed that MP3 Fiesta included selections from countries around the world. In spite of this, their payment system is what really bothered us. Like some subscription services, you have to buy an account balance or line of credit before purchasing songs. Unfortunately, the lowest price you can start at is $19.90. We found this to be a lot of money to start with and with many songs at $.10, it could take a while to deplete your balance.


We are not sure how they can afford to sell so many songs at less than $.99 when the major players like iTunes and Amazon are required to and that makes us question the legitimacy of MP3 Fiesta's services. We get the impression that artists in MP3 Fiesta's library are not getting their fair share.

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