Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. This company provides millions of songs to browse through and allows you to create numerous playlists. You can listen to all of the newest releases and some of your favorite oldies, and you can play all of your tunes on your computer and most mobile devices.

This service is designed for streaming music. It doesn’t have the ability to download audiobooks and podcasts as similar services may offer. However, there are millions of songs you can access with this service, including many of the newest music releases. You can also listen to many old favorites. You can search for songs by album, artist and song title. You can also browse by genre and mood if you desire.

Spotify allows you to create numerous playlists. You can create playlists with dozens of your favorite songs. You can also find pre-made playlists that are designed to match your mood or your activity such as sleeping, working out and studying. Even though there are thousands of songs to look through, the searching process is simple. You can search for specific songs or artists. You can also browse through the music by playlists or new songs.

This music streaming service provides two subscription options. The free subscription allows you to stream and create playlists, but you will experience ads throughout your listening experience. When you purchase the paid subscription, you can download your playlists so you can listen while offline. You also do not have to worry about ads.

As with many similar services, you can play Spotify on numerous devices. This music streaming service is compatible with your computer and most mobile devices including Androids and iOS smartphones. You can also play this service in many select vehicles and TVs. It is also available on PlayStation Music.

If you need help when using this music streaming service, there are numerous support articles available on the Spotify website. You can also view FAQs and video tutorials to ensure you are getting the most out of this music service. You can also contact the Spotify community to ask questions get feedback from other users. Email options are available if you need to speak directly with a representative. There are not telephone or live chat support options available.

Spotify is an excellent option for streaming and listening to music. There are millions of songs to listen to and you can create numerous playlists of all your favorites. If you really want to enhance the listening experience, you will want a paid subscription to ensure no ads disrupt your listening and to ensure your music is available when you're away from an internet connection.