GameFly has a long history of providing the newest and best games to its members, so it should be no surprise that its game rental service includes the newest games on the newest consoles. This service embraces change and offers new services to its members on a regular basis

GameFly continues to stand out as one of the best game rental service available because of its varied membership plans. You can choose between a one-disc or two-disc plan. When you are finished with the game, you simply have to place the game in the pre-paid envelope and ship it back. You'll never have to deal with due dates or late fees, so when you're ready to stop playing, ship it back for the next game on your list.

If you want to keep one of the games you rented, you can buy it for a discounted price and GameFly will send the next game on your list. Usually, you'll have to wait between two and four days for your game. If you just can't wait the two days to get your next game, the two-disc membership is probably the best deal for you.

Both memberships give you access to GameFly's more than 8,000 games. You can narrow your search by console and genre to make it easier to find games that you'll like. If you have kids, you can set up parental controls to limit rentals to certain ESRB ratings. GameFly also offers unlimited PC games for its paid members to stream. The streaming library is smaller, but it has more than 75 titles that you can play from your computer.

GameFly is quick to adopt the newest consoles, and you can reserve upcoming PS4 and Xbox One games or rent new games right now. The selection of console games is impressive; you'll be able to find nearly any game you're looking for. You won't find classic consoles, though, and the oldest systems available are Nintendo's GameCube, the Game Boy Advance, Xbox and PlayStation 2.

This service allows you to find the right video games easily. You start by selecting your platform from a toolbar at the top of the page. From there you can narrow or organize your search by genre, popularity, release date, community rating or a game’s online capabilities. You can also search by specific titles using the search bar located in the upper right corner of your screen.

If you have any questions about the process or your membership, you can search for answers in the FAQs section, which has hundreds of questions and answers. If you are unable to find what you need, you can talk to a representative by email, telephone and live chat. These services have set hours, but the support agents are quick to answer questions and help you with any problems you might have.

GameFly’s huge game selection, easy navigation, attractive interface and fast turnaround times make it ideal for avid or casual gamers. GameFly is always ahead of the curve and continues to be a leader in the online video game rental industry.