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GeForce Now Review

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GeForce Now is an online video game rental store, though it differs from those online video game rental services that offer physical copies by mail. This is more like gaming as a service (GaaS), or cloud gaming. You pay a low monthly fee to gain access to several games in the available library.

First, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to use the GeForce Now service. Its parent company, NVIDIA, is known for making graphics cards for PCs. It also makes a gaming device called Shield. These are built into the Android TV, or you can get a tablet or portable device made specifically for streaming media. Technically, you need a Shield device to stream games and use the service, but there are workarounds with third-party open-source clients.

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Next, you can subscribe to GeForce Now’s gaming service, which gives you access to more than 60 popular games, such as The Witcher series, Sonic games, Lego games and several DC comic-themed games. As soon as you choose the game you want to play, it loads almost instantly – you don’t have to download a full game in order to play. Alternatively, you can purchase a video game for the system that isn’t included for free streaming for members, and automatically start playing, so you don’t have to wait for a game in the mail or for a full download.

In order to have the best gaming experience, you need to make sure you have a fast internet connection – GeForce Now suggests you have at least a 20Mbps connection for practically lag-free gaming. Also, if a game allows for multiplayer play, you can play with your friends online. However, you are streaming a game, so don’t expect competitive gameplay to be possible yet.

In a way, GeForce Now is the Netflix of gaming because it makes it easy for casual gamers to play a variety of video games for a low monthly price. You won’t get the biggest library of games, but you can find titles from a variety of developers. Also, the library of games is ever-changing, so you can find new video games to play every month.

GeForce Now is close to earning the title of the Netflix of gaming, thanks to its variety of video game rentals that you can play anytime with your low monthly fee. There’s no need to wait for games to come in the mail because this is a GaaS that lets you stream games almost instantly at home on your Shield-enabled device.

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