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PlayStation Now Review

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Sony’s PlayStation is one of the video game giants that got involved in the online video game rental scene. It offers gaming as a service (GaaS) thanks to its robust library of games and its acquisition of GaiKai, a cloud gaming service. PlayStation Now lets its members stream games online without having to pay full price for a game, download a full game or worry about late fees or return envelopes.

If you own a PlayStation 4 or a Windows PC, you can play games through PlayStation Now. The cloud gaming service suggests that you use a USB controller with your PC so you get more of a console gaming experience (and so the controls make sense). It’s also best if you have at least 5Mbps internet speed for optimal gameplay. Also, you need to run at least Windows 7 and have 2GB of RAM – you won’t need a ton of free space though as only 300MB is required.

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You can pay for one month or three months of a subscription at a time and then have more than 400 games available to you.
PlayStation Now includes games for the PlayStation 3, so you can catch up on games that you may have missed out on if you were more loyal to Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

PlayStation Now almost instantly connects you to a server that sort of serves as the console and game – you don’t have to download a full game at all. Be sure to save your game data often, though, because if you lose your internet connection, it’s game over.

It’s good to keep in mind that there are inherent limitations when you stream a game. So you can expect dropped frames or low frame rates on occasion. This is partly because of the nature of streaming any media, but it’s also because most of the games available through the PlayStation Now service are older, so they simply aren’t going to be the high resolution you may have come to expect with the latest consoles or PC games.

PlayStation Now offers its members a large library of PlayStation-only games for the PlayStation 4 or PC for a low monthly price, which allows you to get your fix without breaking your budget.

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