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Vimeo Review

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PROS / Vimeo might be the site that has done the best job of maximizing the social networking aspects of sharing video.

CONS / Vimeo limits the amount of video you can upload on a weekly basis with a free account. Paid accounts are available.

 VERDICT / Light on video creation tools. As a place for professionals, Vimeo assumes your videos are self contained and won't need much attention once uploaded.

Vimeo is quickly becoming both a popular video share website and a social networking site. It's a common place for budding videographers to showcase their short films and original videos to other filmmaking enthusiasts. The site is also popular with a few professionals as a place to store and showcase their work.

As a result of the Vimeo user base, the site is much cleaner and has more original content than most other sites in this review. It's not as common to post a copy of your favorite show or commercial, which is common on YouTube and Google Video. A large majority of the content is original video. There are still the copies and clips of popular TV shows and movies, but the Vimeo team does a good job of minimizing that kind of content and promoting original material. As a result, Vimeo is a really fun way to find interesting videos by filmmakers you've never heard of before.

The Vimeo community is pretty tightly knit, partially because Vimeo isn't nearly as large as YouTube. There are all the common user features that allow you to browse, rate and comment on videos, and Vimeo users actively use those features.

Vimeo does not have a maximum file size for uploads, however, there is a maximum of 500MB of uploading per week, making the maximum file size effectively 500MB. That's with a free account; if you pay to join Vimeo Plus the maximum weekly upload limit raises to 5GB, the site does not display advertising and you receive a few other minor perks.

Vimeo is very light on video creation tools and resources. Your video needs to be finished before you upload it because there really aren't any tools in the Vimeo interface to help you edit or alter it once it's uploaded. The site can accept a wide range of file formats for upload, though, so you should be able to use just about any video editing software on your videos without worrying about compatibility issues. Vimeo accepts the following file formats: ASF, ASX, AVI, DivX, DV, DVX, M4V, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, QT, WMV, 3G2, 3GP, 3ivX and 3VX.