BJ' is the online equivalent of the brick-and-mortar BJ's Wholesale Club. This online bargain site has an adequate selection of items and excellent couponing features. However, you will need a membership to reap the benefits this online bargain store has to offer.

For a warehouse wholesale club, BJ's has a limited inventory. The average shopper expecting to find a wide array of unusual items, like funeral supplies, and everyday conveniences, such as a pharmacy, found at other wholesale bargain sites, may be surprised to learn aren't offered by BJ's.

However, this online bargain site does offer some services that consumers may be interested in, such as travel bookings. You can scroll through the website to find discounts on your upcoming vacation. There also a variety of services offered from this company, including optical, party planning, hearing and tire services. You can also purchase groceries, toys, furniture and office items.

You will need a membership to enjoy the services and perks offered by this online bargain site. You can buy a membership and receive a second card at no cost. If you want to include additional members on your membership, you can purchase supplemental memberships at an additional charge.

BJ' allows you to combine in-club coupons with manufacturer's coupons for more savings, which is a great benefit to shopping on this online store. This means that if you are a big couponer and take the time, you can really save money on certain products. When utilizing the clipless coupons, you don't have to do any work. The coupon is automatically deducted at the register.

The site also offers cash back on purchases for members who upgrade their basic membership status to a BJ's Rewards membership. Money that is accumulated through the cash back perk is sent to shoppers every six months.

If you have any questions or issues, BJ's provides telephone, live chat and email support. You can also find a number of help topics on the website, including detailed explanations of topics including order and shipping policies more about the rewards program.

BJ's may have a limited selection of items versus other online bargain stores, but its couponing features can save you additional money. Just make sure you have a membership to reap the full benefits of this company.