Costco is the online version of the buy-in-bulk warehouses bargain hunters love. As an online bargain shopping site, it has many great features, including a wide selection of inventory items. Shoppers can also use this online discount retailer to snag additional deals on travel discounts. Keep in mind that just like your local retail warehouse, you need a membership to purchase anything online at or you will be charged additional fees.

Costco offers a large selection of everyday items, some of which are a little more…unusual. This online bargain store provides all of the basics you'd expect: clothing, groceries, furniture and appliances. However, it also offers some unexpected products: caskets and urns. You can also purchase flowers.

For most of your basic items, you will find these products available in bulk. You can buy large boxes of cereal, diapers, healthcare products, etc. This type of store is particularly beneficial if you have a large family. has a photo-developing lab and an online pharmacy. Besides ordering prints of your photos, you can create and order photo books, photo mugs and invitations. Costco's online pharmacy allows you to fill your prescription online and arrange to have it delivered to your home.

Another item that is rare for online bargain sites is a travel section. On Costco's site, you can peruse discounted cruise packages, hotel reservations, plane tickets and more. It's kind of like having a travel agent booth between the pharmacy and candy aisle of your favorite grocery store.

However, you must purchase a membership. There are different membership options to choose from, which you pay for annually. You can buy items without a membership, but an additional charge applies at checkout.

Costco doesn't offer much in the way of discounts or deals. They have monthly deals where you can save a few dollars on select items. However, you won't find a large sale or clearance section on this online bargain store's website.

Costco is a great online bargain site for those who like buying items in bulk and those needing to buy unusual items. If you don't want to pay for a yearly membership fees, you may want to look elsewhere.