Embark offers a DNA test that is best if you have some money to spend on your pet and you want to know if your pet is susceptible to any diseases passed down through genetics. We researched four of the top pet DNA testing services, and Embark had the most features but was also the most expensive, costing over twice as much as our top pick, Wisdom Panel 4.0.

For almost $200, this DNA test for your dog uses cheek swabs to collect your dog’s DNA samples. If your dog doesn’t like having its cheek scraped the website features a how-to section with tips on swabbing for your dog’s saliva. Once you return the swabs to the company it takes approximately six to eight weeks for the results to be available.

Embark tests over 175 different dog breeds, the second highest of the pet DNA kits that we researched. It tests using 200,000 different genetic markers, and you can see the exact breed percentages of your dog on your online portal. This is fewer breeds than Wisdom Panel tests for, but more than DNA My Dog.

Not only will Embark show you the percentage makeup of your dog by breed, but it can also show a larger family tree that traces your dog’s parentage back multiple generations. The results also show you which breeds are close to the breeds that make up your dog and include facts about the history of the breeds and their characteristics.

This pet DNA test will show you the percentage of your dog’s DNA that is related to wolves and coyotes as well as village dogs. Embark is the only company that advertises its comparison to village dog DNA, which can tie your dog’s DNA even further back in time to groupings of wild dogs that were around before dogs were grouped into select breeds.

Embark tests your pet’s DNA for susceptibility to 160 different genetically inherited diseases. These can include things like allergies to medication, certain deficiencies, potential problems with your dog’s eyes and others. As with all DNA testing related to health, even if your dog carries a gene that makes it more susceptible to a certain disease or health condition, it might not develop those illnesses or problems. The health results are simply guidelines that can help you as a pet owner diagnose and prepare for the possibility of disease. This company also estimates your dog’s age, based on its DNA, which can be helpful in determining the health of your dog.

Though this pet DNA testing kit is the most expensive we researched, by providing you with insights into the health and breed history of your pet, Embark gives you information that is interesting and potentially helpful in the future.

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