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Emergency Essentials Review

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PROS / The food selection is truly impressive in terms of varieties and quantities.

CONS / A few competitors had a better selection of filters and chemical sets for water purification.

 VERDICT / Emergency Essentials has the best selection of supplies to keep you warm, sheltered and well-fed in any catastrophe.

The best emergency preparedness stores provide the supplies you would need in case of any catastrophe, and Emergency Essentials is the best of the best, earning our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award. Once you develop an interest in preparing for emergencies, you can opt to buy pre-assembled kits or create your own collection of survival supplies. Emergency Essentials is great for either type of preparation.

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DIY Equipment

If you prefer to put together your own collection, Emergency Essentials is a superior resource for equipment that will keep you warm and healthy in a catastrophe. Something as minor as an extended power outage can basically leave you to camp in your own home, without refrigeration or heat. Bigger disasters can mean mandatory evacuations that lead to living in complete wilderness situations for a time. Emergency Essentials has the right equipment for all of those scenarios.

First aid is one of the first things you will want to prepare for. You could always assemble your own first aid kit, buying each item you might need a la carte, but there is no need if you do not have the time. You can pack one of the many first aid kits offered by Emergency Essentials and rest easy.

After addressing medical needs, shelter is a next logical step for preparedness if you cannot stay in your home. You will need a tent or at the very least the supplies to make a tent. Emergency Essentials has a great selection. Staying warm overnight is going to be very important, especially if you have to stay in a makeshift shelter, so we compared the selection of blankets, sleeping bags and related items in our reviews of emergency preparedness stores. Emergency Essentials had a lot of options. This store also had an impressive array of flashlights, candles and lanterns for keeping your temporary living quarters well lit.

This website had a decent collection of communication devices too so you can get news updates on the radio or communicate with family over walkie-talkies. If you are forced to live off the grid in a crisis, you will want portable solar panels, or a generator and a way to cook food. Emergency Essentials has the best selection of both power sources and cooking equipment of all the suppliers in our comparison. It even offers specialized devices that combine some of those tasks, charging your phone and cooking your food at the same time. 

This is one of the best emergency preparedness stores for both food and water readiness. You will find an impressive selection of freeze-dried foods, which require minimal preparation, in large or small quantities. There are also lots of MREs to choose from, which require no preparation. This store even has freeze-dried food for your pets. You can purchase equipment for purifying water from Emergency Essentials, ways to store water long-term and drinking water itself. That way you are prepared whether you have access to water in an emergency or not.

Basic Kit

A logical place to begin your collection of emergency preparedness supplies is with a 72-hour kit. That timeframe is significant because that is the amount of time it can take rescuers to reach you after a hurricane, fire, earthquake or other major event. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends having enough supplies to last you for at least those first 72 hours. The FEMA website also has a list of specific equipment to get you through those hours that includes water, food, a radio, a flashlight, a first aid kit, sanitation supplies, a whistle, a dust mask and the raw materials to make your own shelter. We looked for a one-person 72-hour kit on each competing emergency preparedness website that matches that list from FEMA, though we figured you could add your own wrench, can opener, local maps and cellphone with charger – other things that FEMA recommends for their basic 72-hour kit.

Emergency Essentials made it easy to find just what we were looking for in our comparison of FEMA-compliant, one-person 72-hour kits. That type of kit is the minimum these stores should offer, but this website also offers much more for storing everything you would need to live off the grid for years, if necessary – not just three days.

Kit Selection

Any worthwhile emergency preparedness store will have a broad selection of pre-assembled 72-hour kits to choose from. Emergency Essentials gives you the most choices. You can find kits that cover multiple people and those that are geared to specific crises, including earthquakes and pandemics. There are even kits specific to your car so you can be ready for anything on the road or at home.

Help & Support

Information and connectivity are two of the most important tools a company can provide you. Emergency Essentials does a fantastic job at both. The company provides outstanding emergency and disaster preparedness articles for your family to study, as well as easy-to-find contact information. If you need to contact Emergency Essentials for any food storage or survival equipment questions or orders, you can email or call the company. You can also connect with Emergency Essentials through Twitter and Facebook, read the company's blog and subscribe to its monthly email newsletter.


It’s hard to think of every single thing you might need in an emergency, but you don’t have to. Emergency Essentials has got it covered. Whether you decide to make your own collection of emergency supplies, choose from pre-assembled kits, or some combination of both, this store stands ready to provide with its vast selection of everything important. It has the food, water and shelter supplies to keep you and your family warm and safe for a few days or many years after any kind of catastrophe.

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