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Pros / This store has plenty of DIY equipment, food options and water supplies to build your own emergency kit.

Cons / The basic 72-hour kit only has food supplies, no other emergency essentials.

 Verdict / With a solid preparedness education system, customer support options and food storage supplies, Food Insurance is worth looking into.

The first impression when you pull up the Food Insurance website is that it has the look and feel of a legitimate emergency preparedness store, and it certainly is that. It provides its customers with plenty of good options for emergency preparedness.

Food Insurance is a good resource if you are putting together your own collection of emergency essentials. While there aren't a plethora of options within the different categories such as first aid, shelter, warmth and lighting, it does have the basics you'll need to put a DIY emergency kit together.

There are several first aid kit options ranging from a basic kit to a deluxe 92-piece medical kit. The basic kit is good for everyday use, camping trips or hikes. The basic kit will treat common injuries you might experience, while the deluxe kit will treat a wider range of injuries and illnesses.

These are pre-assembled kits that will save you the time and effort of putting a first aid kit together from scratch. Other things to consider if you are in an emergency situation include shelter and a way to keep warm. This site only offers one of each type. There is a sturdy two-man tent available through the website and one sleeping bag for warmth. They are solid products, but this is a meagre number of options in this area. Food Insurance also has cooking supplies available, but nothing in the way of hygiene products or supplies specifically for pets.

As its name implies, Food Insurance specializes in survival food and water supplies. There are plenty of water options for storing water and purifying water you have available to you. The basic 72-hour kit is centered on food in fact. There are two options, one has enough food to last one person three days and the other doubles the amount of food for the same time period. Both kits include utensils, water bottles and cooking gear.

Aside from that, the basic kits are lacking, however. There are no emergency supplies that many of the best stores include, like flashlights, first aid items and shelter supplies. You'll have to rely on your other DIY emergency supplies for those items. This is an unfortunate omission because it is nice to have such emergency supplies in your 72-hour kit along with your freeze-dried food that you can take with you in a hurry if there is an emergency.

However, you can buy a two-week bug-out bag separately that includes all the supplies you would need in such an emergency. While the bug-out bags provided by many other competing services will take care of your needs for 72 hours, the survival kits that Food Insurance provides are meant to last for two weeks. In addition to freeze-dried food, you will get a water bottle, a filter, a first aid kit, a flashlight and waterproof matches, among many other items.

Food Insurance offers a few dehydrated products but focuses primarily on freeze-dried meals. The taste is far better than dehydrated meals we tried from other companies. You can purchase the freeze-dried food in bulk. The store also has MRE options or meals that are ready to eat out of the package. You can purchase a year's worth of food or you can select individual items on the a la carte system, where you choose the best variety for you.

This is one of the best emergency stores in terms of its emergency preparedness education. It provides easy-to-understand infographics detailing proper storage techniques. The company blog is also full of interesting and informative articles about how exactly you should respond to a crisis, how to prepare dried food storage on a budget, and how to stay entertained during an emergency. This service also has all the customer support options you need including email, phone and live chat.

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Food Insurance is a legitimate emergency preparedness online store. The help services are some of the best we’ve seen, offering nice educational resources such as an informative blog. We would like to see more emergency supplies in the 72-hour kit, like first aid and emergency shelter, but the overall food and water options in this service are great. Food Insurance has a unique bug-out bag with emergency supplies for two weeks that you can take with you if you had to suddenly evacuate or need emergency supplies in your home. This store is a good place to go for emergency supplies and disaster preparedness.

Food Insurance Visit Site