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PrepareWise Review

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PROS / The support resources are informative and thorough.

CONS / There are few specialty foods for nontraditional diets.

 VERDICT / PrepareWise has enough supplies and support to help you prepare for disasters, a helpful, easy-to-navigate website and plenty of food storage options. However, the pre-assembled survival kit options are somewhat limited and you won't be able to customize your own kit.

PrepareWise has food and emergency supplies for a camping trip as well as lifesaving supplies for surviving a natural disaster. This disaster preparedness online store has struck a balance between quality survival kits, survival food options and educational customer service.

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PrepareWise prepackages various survival kits for one to four people. While the offerings may not look as significant as kits from the higher-ranked services, PrepareWise's site still holds all of the necessary lifesaving tools you need in each prepackaged kit. The basic 72-hour kit comes complete with an AM/FM radio flashlight, a multi-tool knife, an emergency blanket and a 50-foot rope, among other tools. Unfortunately, the survival bags do not come with any food options, but when it comes to other emergency supplies they are quite well-equipped.

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There are a number of 72-hour kits to choose from, but since the contents of these kits consists of gear not food, you'll have to pack food separately. There is also an auto emergency kit available that you can take with you on the road. The auto kit has such supplies as ponchos, hand warmers, a light stick and a first aid kit among other supplies. This can come in handy in a variety of emergencies. As with the 72-hours kits, however, there are no freeze-dried food pouches included in the auto kit. PrepareWise doesn't give you the option of building your own customized kits and it lacks kits for specific disasters like earthquakes and pandemics.

The food available through this store is quite good. Normally when one thinks of emergency food supplies or freeze-dried food, taste is not the first thing that comes to mind, but we were impressed with PrepareWise's unique and surprisingly tasty entrees. Healthy eating may not be at the top of your priorities in a crisis, but PrepareWise focuses on healthy eating so you can receive the right nutrients. Each dish boasts low sodium and fat content. You can also find all of these foods easily by searching for food categories on the site.

The company also offers vegetarian meals. Even with a wide variety of food, the site is still lacking in seeds, flour and seasonings. It also does not have lactose-free, soy-free or peanut-free meals, which is problematic for people with certain dietary restrictions.

The help and support options for this survival kit store are great. The FAQs section is one of the best and most detailed we have seen even compared to the best emergency stores. The regularly updated blog is extremely helpful for people who are worried about where to start in planning an emergency storage supply. You can also compare notes on products and experiences with the store’s social media pages. Another bonus with this service is it offers free FedEx shipping on domestic orders. Phone, email and live chat support services are also available if you need to speak directly with a customer service representative.


PrepareWise is worth looking into if you need education and support for your emergency preparedness plans, whether for a dangerous trip or an at-home crisis. The store has a variety of survival kit options, but unfortunately none of them come with food, so you'll have to pack that separately. The food is not for everyone with specific dietary needs, but there are still enough choices in the equipment and non-specialized food to serve most customers.

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