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SOS Survival Products Review

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PROS / The quality of the first aid kit selection is truly impressive.

CONS / There are few options for emergency shelters.

 VERDICT / With an especially good variety of individual items, this site is perfect for those who want to assemble their own collection of survival supplies.

SOS Survival Products, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award Winner, provides an impressive selection of first aid kits, communication devices and other supplies that will prepare you and your family for possible future disasters. This survival supplies site has a variety of equipment and food to give you the tools and education that could one day save lives.

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DIY Equipment

The real benefit of using this company as your sole source of survival tools is that you can buy everything a la carte, based on your needs. We looked for the emergency preparedness stores that offer the best selection of everything you might want in a crisis – for first aid, for shelter, for warmth, for food and more.

The first aid kits offered on the SOS site cover a variety of medical needs, such as burns and breathing difficulties. You can also get basics if you know that all you need to worry about is an occasional scrape. This service offers health instructional books as supplemental materials as well. The quantity and quality of first aid supplies offered by SOS is unsurpassed when compared to the other emergency preparedness stores we reviewed.

This store also has the best selection of lighting devices for evacuation situations, or for sheltering in your home during a power outage. The range of flashlights, glowsticks and lanterns makes it easier to get what you would need for long- or short-term catastrophes.

SOS also offers a great selection of food and water necessities. You can find what you need to carry, store or purify water, and there is a nice selection of different types of food, including complete dehydrated meals in pouches, and MREs. SOS is not the best for helping you preserve your own food, though. We didn’t find any canning supplies or food dehydration equipment.

This store doesn't have a good variety of shelters, which becomes very important in case of mandatory evacuations. We could only find a handful of tents and most of them were very similar to each other so you would want to shop elsewhere for that part of your preparedness.

Basic Kit

A 72-hour kit is one of the first and most important things to have in your emergency equipment. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has specific recommendations for getting through those first three days after an emergency, which is often how long it takes for rescuers to reach people. We found a comparable one-person 72-hour kit from each company in our emergency preparedness store reviews and checked whether it included the FEMA-recommended items. The kit from SOS did well, containing almost everything on FEMA’s list. You could easily add the few items it was missing, plus anything else you might prefer to have.

Kit Selection

Aside from the one-person 72-hour kit we compared against FEMA’s list, there was an impressive selection of other pre-assembled kits from SOS. Even some of the best emergency preparedness stores offer kits only for one or two people, but SOS has pre-assembled kits for up to 100 people, and lots of sizes in between. Those kits are convenient for families or other organizations that might not have time to put together their own supplies. This store also has more categories than some other sites for its pre-assembled kits, including sections specific to classrooms and offices. There also is an auto kit for any emergencies that might happen when you are on the road.

Help & Support

One reason to buy from a survival essentials store rather than a general retailer is the expertise – and SOS has plenty of that. The site has an informative blog and worksheets that can help you prepare for the worst. There is a customer phone service and an email address if you have questions about products, and the site has a FAQs section. There also is helpful information on this store’s social media pages.


SOS lacks somewhat on its selection of tents, but for most types of emergency supplies it is an excellent choice. It will work well if you prefer to assemble your own collection of supplies or if you prefer to buy pre-assembled kits. The variety of kit types was especially impressive and includes supplies specific to different settings like schools, offices and automobiles.

SOS Survival Products Visit Site