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The 7 Store Review

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PROS / The 7 Store website has a wealth of individual food items.

CONS / This store lacks auto emergency and earthquake kits.

 VERDICT / This service excels in the essentials like food, water and first aid, and will even help you in an extreme emergency that requires a sturdy shelter. However, it could benefit from more support options, especially for customers who are new to emergency preparedness.

The 7 Store Emergency Preparedness Center provides quality food and emergency preparedness items that can meet the needs of you and your family in a crisis. Using this site, you will find a variety of survival food cases, individual cans and one-year packages. With the rate of natural disasters increasing every decade, it is a good time to start investing in survival kits, and the 7 Store is not a bad place to start. This emergency preparedness store offers a wide and unique selection of survival equipment. With items such as water storage accessories and filters, emergency radios, first aid kits and solar panels, this site has all the emergency essentials most people will need.

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In many respects, the 7 Store's selection of emergency shelters is lacking. It only offers one tent option and no tarps or other portable shelters. But when it comes to sturdy shelters, the 7 Store is well equipped. This emergency service has partnered with Beehive Shelters to create a variety of bomb shelters you can have built. The designs range from a one-person bomb shelter with one room to a 64-room, 19,200-square-foot shelter. Depending on the needs of your family or group, you choose the shelter you want, and Beehive Shelters will build it for you.

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A bomb shelter is, of course, an extreme preparedness measure, but there are many options for other emergencies. A first aid kit is an essential item to include in your survival equipment. This site has a nice selection of first aid kits for your home, office and school. You can select from pre-assembled emergency kits or build your own if you know exactly which items you want. This is a great feature as not every family has the same needs.

The 7 Store provides emergency food supplies such as oats, wheat, sugar and powdered milk, as well as other dehydrated foods and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. You can also get pouches that provide you with nontraditional food storage items like freeze-dried ice cream, lasagna, pasta primavera and more. The freeze-dried food bulk cases are terrific for filling in your food storage.

This store's basic emergency kit for one person has all the FEMA-recommended supplies you need to survive the first 72 hours of an emergency, including water, food, first aid and other essentials. This emergency store has plenty of 72-hour kit options but lacks auto emergency kits, which would be nice to have in case you are away from home or have an emergency on the road. It also lacks pre-assembled kits specifically designed for earthquakes. If you live close to a fault line, this is something you will want to consider. As for water storage, the 7 Store has water pouches you can store in your 72-hour kit and other emergency supplies and water containers you can use to store water bulk. There are also plenty of filters and chemical sets to purify the water you have on hand if you should run out of water storage.

You can contact customer service via email or phone to get answers to your questions. However, more support options, such as a preparedness education section on the website, would be beneficial, especially for customers who are new to emergency preparedness. There is a helpful FAQs section on the website for immediate answers to common questions, but for answers to less common questions, a live chat option would be nice.


The 7 Store Emergency Preparedness Center is a good place to start investing in food and survival kits for an emergency. This service has a wide selection of emergency essentials such as first aid kits and water and food storage items. While its bomb shelter options are impressive, and helpful for extreme emergencies, a better selection of portable shelters and the inclusion of auto emergency kits would come in handy for more common emergencies. Our review of the 7 Store revealed that some support services are missing, but if you are already well-informed about emergency preparedness, then this store is a solid choice. Customers new to emergency preparedness should also be able find what they need, but they may have to look a little harder for answers.

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