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Pros / There is a wide selection of survival kits and food storage options at this store.

Cons / It lacks DIY emergency equipment options.

 Verdict / While Wise Company's services aren't as comprehensive as some of the others in our lineup, it has a great website with helpful, educational content and high-quality products that will help in all kinds of emergencies.

Wise Company is an original manufacturer that develops its own line of quality emergency gear and freeze-dried bulk foods, unlike some emergency preparedness stores that repackage materials and food and put their brand sticker on them. The store’s support services are meant to prepare you to handle a crisis on your own.

Wise Company specializes in food storage and, as such, is one of the best survival food companies around. It also has a good selection of 72-hour kit options. However, it doesn't offer much in the way of DIY equipment if you are interested in assembling you own emergency kit.

This service provides pre-packaged survival kits for consumers of all kinds. Each emergency survival kit includes four to six backpacks containing necessary food, survival whistles, first aid kits and Mylar blankets, among other products. The two-week, one-person survival kit contains nearly everything you could imagine in a bug-out bag. Among other things it includes fuel tablets, sleeping bags, work gloves, a water filtration bottle, a bandage kit and a number of food packets. There are also specialty survival kits for hunters and road trippers. While there is only one emergency kit specifically for your car, it is a good one. It includes a good first aid kit, survival whistle, hand-crank flashlight, several freeze-dried meals and even jumper cables. Wise Company got high marks for its variety of survival packs.

Wise Company has a selection of multiple-course meals that don't require preparation, and plenty of freeze-dried pouches that only require water. While there are no prepackaged drinking water options available on this site, you can select from several water filtration options that will allow you to purify the water you have available.

The survival food selection is largely entree based, which means that selling basic ingredients like flour or grain doesn't factor into this service. This isn't an issue if you want quick and easy meals in a pinch. However, if you are a crisis culinary expert, you won't get much control over what specifically goes into your food. There are also no soy-free or peanut-free meals in these emergency food supplies, so if you have allergies to either you will have to watch what you select.

One major strength of Wise Company is its customer support and preparedness education content. The Be Wise blog is updated regularly with valuable content. It has informative entries such as everyday household items you can use for first aid, how to keep yourself fit in preparation for an emergency, or how much freeze-dried food you should have on hand. This company obviously puts effort into this blog. Most of the content is both entertaining and educational. The website is attractive, well organized and easy to navigate. The site also includes endorsements from respected media personalities like Dave Ramsey, George Noory and Ruth England.

Wise Company's site has a FAQs page that provides information regarding how much food is necessary to feed a family and how much water you will need for each meal. If you have questions that need a quick answer, you can reach the company through social media, an email contact form or over the phone. Best of all, there is an online chat option, which is an uncommon feature among emergency preparedness stores. We found its representatives to be knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

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Wise Company excels in its selection of survival kits, food storage items and in its preparedness education and help and support services. Whether you're looking to start up a long-term food storage supply or just buy a few food packets for a weekend camping trip, Wise Company is a great option. This service is lacking in options for DIY equipment but has a good selection of 72-hour kits and a nice survival kit for your car. This service has a great website with a lot of valuable content. The Be Wise blog and other online resources are both educational and entertaining.

Wise Company Visit Site