Pros / The company has a large selection of gluten-free and vegetarian foods.

Cons / It lacks water filters and drinking water for storage.

 Verdict / Augason Farms is a specialized diet-friendly service that lacks just a few water purification essentials.

Augason Farms focuses strongly on taste and providing every ingredient you need to make meals with the best possible quality. This company also provides an impressive selection for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters, and it keeps its prices low for a la carte ingredients, so you have a chance to see if buying certain foods is a good investment for your long-term food storage.

When it comes to meat storage, Augason Farms emphasizes vegetarian substitutes as much as real meat. The company's vegetarian options include bacon-flavored bits, and beef and chicken substitutes. The a la carte real meat cans come with beef and chicken chunks. Its ready-made meals include freeze-dried beef with chili macaroni. In case someone in your family has celiac disease, Augason has a huge selection of gluten-free products as well.

If you're going camping or need this food for the short term, it's best to choose this store's prepackaged meals – unless you think you'll get through a 52-ounce can of cheese-blend powder in a short time. You can buy larger bulk food storage containers with enough meals to last up to a few years, but there are options for short-term situations as well.

This service has a great mix of the essentials such as soups, freeze-dried fruits, beans, drink mixes and vegetables. Absent from its selection are drinking water and water filters. Having a healthy amount of survival food storage is great, but without clean or hot water, much of it can be useless in an emergency situation. Emergency Essentials is a service that offers water supply solutions along with their selection of food.

If you need immediate support, you can reach a representative through the company's social media pages, phone or a contact form. If you are not as well informed about survival food storage as you feel you should be, Augason Farms does an admirable job of getting you up to speed with your options and how to use them.

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Augason Farms does not have a great selection of water sanitation options. You can always buy water filtering equipment and canned water elsewhere, but we prefer the stores that allow you to shop in just one place. However, this service has an excellent selection of food. If you want to prepare dehydrated and freeze-dried food according to your own recipes and dietary needs, you'll be happy with Augason Farms' food.

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