Pros / This service has basic cooking ingredients for anyone who prefers to create their own meals.

Cons / There is no emergency food estimator.

 Verdict / Honeyville is one of the best choices for finding unique ingredients, but a better selection of all-inclusive entrees would make it more competitive.

Honeyville Food Products has a different angle when it comes to dried emergency food storage. The company's approach is less focused on the utility of food storage than on the natural, homegrown appeal. It has the definite advantage of including a variety of grains, such as corn, oats and barley. These grains give you the freedom to bake original and healthy recipes from your long-term food storage.

In addition to its variety of flours and grains, the company also includes many of the essential foods that you and your family would need in tough times. Its meat products are freeze-dried and canned. These cans are sold a la carte, unlike previously prepared entrees in bulk food storage containers. You can order cans of diced beef, sausage, ham, chicken and turkey.

This survival food storage relies on your ability to create and cook rather than providing you with all-inclusive meals. There are pros and cons with both approaches to long-term food storage. When you do it the way Honeyville does – separate ingredients – you can more easily rotate your food storage as you use some ingredients on a daily basis. If you buy the freeze-dried entrees that are more common with other companies, you will have the ease of just-add-water preparation but you are less likely to cycle through any of your food storage on a regular basis. That could mean you eventually waste some of it.

The website for Honeyville Food Products is simple in design, but there are so many a la carte products that it becomes a hassle to go to all the different pages to compile a complete menu. Also, without an emergency food estimator, there is no easy way to estimate how much food you will need for a given period of time, nor how much it will cost you. Wise Company, in addition to having some of the best food options, has an emergency food calculator to help you plan the amount of food you’ll need along with the cost.

We like that the company places importance on gluten- and lactose-free recipes. It has a small selection of vegetarian, kosher and gluten-free products, but this is better than its competitors, some of which do not provide any of these choices.

Every food storage service website should provide reasons why food storage is necessary and helpful tips on emergency preparedness. Honeyville has a FAQs page on its site that answers questions about surviving in difficult circumstances. For your own questions about the service or a specific product, the company offers phone and email support. It also has social media pages.

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Honeyville Food Products is a great source for healthy options and DIY survival food preparation. It is not for everyone, however. You may prefer the convenience of readymade entrees, and Honeyville does not offer many of those. We prefer the stores that have a better mixture of both – full entrees and individual ingredients. Honeyville’s lack of an estimator is also a minor hindrance, but if you already know how much you need of everything, this will pose no problems for you.

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