Pros / The selection of pre-assembled food collections is great for anyone who wants to buy one time and then forget about preparedness.

Cons / There are few seeds for sale and no canning equipment.

 Verdict / Nitro-Pak has a broad selection of food that allows you to buy or assemble your ideal food storage collection, even if you have specific dietary needs.

Nitro-Pak, our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner, has an impressive selection of every type of survival food, which gives you the best chance of having something that you will actually want to eat in a catastrophe situation. This service offers a variety of brands and food types so you can mix and match to get the food storage that will suit your specific needs. It also offers a good collection of other emergency supplies like tents and sleeping bags so it is a one-stop shop in that way.

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Food & Water

This is one of the best food storage companies for brand diversity, which works well if you prefer to have total control over everything that is in your collection. You can choose from 12 different brands and whether you want all-inclusive meals or individual ingredients. If you prefer to have the experts make most of the choices, this site has a lot of different options, including three-day, one-week, 30-day, three-month, six-month and one-year food supplies. Most competitors have far fewer pre-assembled kits.

Individual items also come in all levels of preparation. At one end of the spectrum you can buy hard red winter wheat, to be milled for flour decades from now. There are also individual ingredients like freeze-dried broccoli or ground beef that could be combined into meals later. You can buy freeze-dried meals like casseroles that just require a little hot water to prepare. Or, at the far end of the spectrum there are MREs and energy bars that require no preparation. Nitro-Pak has an impressive selection of all the types of food.

Nitro-Pak has a wonderful selection of water purification equipment, but having some drinking water on hand also is crucial in case you are not near a water source that can be purified, especially since much of the food it sells requires water to be edible. Nitro-Pak sells a limited selection of drinking water options, all in pouches. A few more options would be nice.

Specialty Diet

Nitro-Pak is excellent for finding specialty foods. There are competitors that also have gluten-free, low-sodium and vegetarian foods, but Nitro-Pak makes them easier to find, with a helpful search engine and even menu options. You should always plan your food storage to contain items you would actually want to eat, so the diet-specific foods are important, especially if anyone in your family has food sensitivities.

Equipment & Extras

Nitro-Pak has many more choices for water purification than the other companies in our long-term food storage reviews. This site has page after page of filtering bottles, pump-style filters, straw-style filters and more. You will surely be able to find exactly what you want for water purification in an emergency.

It lacks in some of the self-sufficiency tools we value, though. The best of these sites help you preserve food, too, not just buy it, but Nitro-Pak falls short in this regard. There are no canning kits or home dehydration supplies. It does have a small assortment of seeds, though, for growing your own food. That can be important for disaster preparation and in the aftermath of a disaster.

Help & Support

There is very little in the way of articles or other educational materials on this site. It is hard to know what you need when you are new to food storage so the lack of information is a minor drawback for Nitro-Pak. The customer service is excellent, though, so when you have a specific question you will get help in a hurry – through chat, phone and other options.


Nitro-Pak could offer more in the way of educational materials and food preservation equipment. This site is excellent in most ways, though, especially in its selection of survival food. You can buy the raw materials like wheat as well as full entrees that you just open and eat. You can buy them in pre-assembled kits to feed someone for up to a year or in individual portions. This site has enough variety to fit your individual preferences, including specific dietary needs like gluten-free. It even makes everything easy to find with a well-organized site.

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