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Pros / The company's worldwide focus will help you find a wide swath of records.

Cons / Its weak customer service could leave you stranded in your search.

 Verdict / Even the paid version of Mocavo searches for free information, which is priceless.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been replaced by another product. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The genealogist is on a quest, constantly searching for information about relatives who have passed on. What tool is better for searching than Google, right? Not right, at least according to the people behind Mocavo Plus, a genealogy search engine. So many people have compiled so much genealogical information for so many years on so many different sites. Typing an ancestor's name into a generic search field can yield all of the wrong information, or all of the right information ranked so far down in the search that it takes a lot of time to find it. Mocavo was built to find only genealogy-related sites for your search term. Introduced in 2011, it received a very warm reception in the genealogy community.

The basic Mocavo genealogy search features are available for free to anyone, but we were especially curious about whether the paid version of this service, Mocavo Plus, is worth the extra investment. The answer may be different for each person. The extra fee does pump up the search capabilities. There are extra tweaks that are designed to make the search engine even more able to zero in on your ancestors, including first name alternatives searches, intelligent date searching, date ranges, geo-searching, exclusions and more.

Mocavo Plus is a little different from some other products in our lineup. It keeps a laser focus on free content, so it is a money-saver right out of the gate. Many sites find you a long list of birth records, death records and more. Mocavo Plus finds free sources of the same information you find on other sites. The search engine scours the type of sites local volunteer genealogists build, so the information is the same, except for the price. This usually means that the information is gleaned from an original document. If you prefer to see original (scanned) documents, you will probably want to use one of the more expensive genealogy search sites.

Mocavo is based in Colorado, but the company's genealogy search capabilities are very far reaching. They are designed to reach any genealogy internet space. That is more than we can say for some of the other sites we reviewed. The broad focus will be a real boon to folks who have branches of family near and far.

Customer support is where Mocavo really falls flat. It's a young company, so that is somewhat understandable. Email response times are slow, and there is no phone contact option. Since much of what the company offers is free, it is somewhat understandable that it has not made a huge investment in customer service. Most of the people who use the genealogy search site could not even be called customers, since they are not paying. If you decide to use the paid version of Mocavo, you will need to be the type of person who does not need much help with your research. The site is relatively easy to use, though, so you might not need much help.


This genealogy site is a great resource, but it probably should not be your only one. We didn't find a lot of scanned original documents, but we liked the fact that Mocavo Plus covers a huge amount of real estate, searching the globe for free information sources. The fact that it is a free service makes us trust the information a bit less, though. We are generally more comfortable with sites that have invested in finding and scanning original documents for their own collections.

Mocavo Plus Visit Site