Pros / It has distinct features like a professional genealogist directory, data converter, family tree maker and learning center.

Cons / Some sources that MyTrees taps into require you to subscribe to their databases, in addition to your MyTrees subscription, in order to access them.

 Verdict / MyTrees has unique features, but they aren’t commonly needed tools. While it has plenty to offer, it falls short for outstanding, often-used features.

MyTrees is a genealogy search engine that's a good place to start looking for records about your family history or grow your family tree. It has one of the largest pedigree-linked databases we reviewed. Its U.S. records date back to the Revolutionary War up to the present day with an Internet Names database. There are almost 600 million records on this website. This genealogy website has essentials like common records, a family tree builder and a growing community, but it lacks helpful features you'd find in other databases.

On this ancestry search site, you can find standard sources such as U.S. and international census records, and birth, marriage and death records for the essential facts. You'll have the most luck finding family in New Zealand, the U.K. or the rest of Europe. Countries in Asia, Africa and South America don’t have a lot of family history resources available, and where records are available, MyTrees has a difficult time searching them. International records apply to 37 countries, but you may not be able to find full census records for every country. In the database, we found passenger records for travel and immigration, including an entire section dedicated to Ellis Island. However, these records aren’t local to MyTrees. When you search for an ancestor, the website takes you to The Ellis Foundation page to conduct the search again. This mean that some sources the site directs you to may require you to subscribe to their services in addition to your account with MyTrees.

While this family history site has plenty to offer, the site is missing some useful records that would help it rival the best genealogy websites. Within the MyTrees archives, you can't find any find any Native American or tribal records. This poses a problem to many Americans who claim Native American ancestry. You can't find court, land or probate records for your ancestors on MyTrees either. These types of records would give you an idea of any legal encounters your ancestors may have had.

With any information you skim from MyTrees, you can build a family tree online and share it with your friends and family directly. If you already have a growing family tee, you can upload a GEDCOM file of it into MyTrees to build on the information you already have. Creating a family tree on the site is similar to using standard genealogy software. With MyTrees’ family tree builder, you can view, share, download and print your family tree directly from the website.

Just like in standard family tree software, you can merge branches and organize your family index. We’re especially fans of the help section of the family tree area that explains each option thoroughly next to an image of the icon.

MyTrees has plenty of interesting features, just not all the essentials we were looking for. Many of its tools, like the genealogist directory and date converter are useful, but not usually necessary. The genealogist directory is a list of experts in your area you can hire to search your family history for you. The date converter recognizes the date you enter and immediately translates it to the standard genealogy format, making your files easier to merge and share within other genealogy software programs.

The site lacks flashier features like DNA testing or direct professional assistance, but this is understandable. They can be expensive and unnecessary. However, MyTrees also lacks truly helpful features such as hints that bring up sources based on information in your family tree. You also can’t add family pictures or media to your family tree. MyTrees has a small community and forums related to the site, but it lacks some of the extra connections like social media and member directories to connect you with other MyTrees users.

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MyTrees has many extra features, but it falls short in some of the essential tools and family tree searches. Tools like the date calculator and genealogist directory are useful occasionally, but not as helpful as hints, media support and social community connections. MyTrees has an impressive amount of searchable records, but it does not have quite the variety of documents that some of our top sites have. Additionally, for some sources, it redirects you to other genealogy databases that may require you to subscribe to their services on top of your subscription with MyTrees.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Searchable Records

Total Resources Available
580 Million
Countries Documented
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U.S. Census
International Census
Birth Records
Marriage Records
Death Records
U.S. Immigration Records
Military Records
Cemetery Records
Obituary Collection
Social Security Death Index
Court, Land and Probate Records
Native American Records
Surnames Index

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Create Family Tree
Family Hints
Upload Media
DNA Testing
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