Pros / Expedia has member-only discounts.

Cons / This site doesn’t offer last-minute deals.

 Verdict / Expedia is a good choice if you travel often because it offers discounts and a loyalty program to its members. Expect to pay more if you book at its standard rates, though.

Expedia lets you book hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises and activities all in one place. This hotel booking service’s website is easy to navigate and isn’t littered with ads like those of other services in our review. It is pricier than most of the other hotel booking sites we evaluated, though, especially if you don't take advantage of the member-only promotions and coupons. Expedia also doesn’t offer last-minute deals like other online hotel sites, so waiting to book may not get you a better price on your hotel.

There are over 365,000 hotels on Expedia. To sort through them, you can organize your search by categories like lowest price, guest rating and hotel name. You can narrow these results further by selecting hotel class, price range, proximity to landmarks, amenities and accommodation type like bed and breakfasts or condominiums.

All your searches stay in Expedia’s My Scratchpad feature. This tool not only saves the names of the hotels you search, but also prices and dates, and it tells you how many other users are viewing the hotels on your scratchpad. This feature is especially useful for monitoring accommodations in dream destinations or places you travel frequently.

When you click on a hotel that interests you, its profile appears in a new browser tab. At the top of the page, you can view hotel images in small or large detail, and a zoom option allows you to see the pictures in better detail without cluttering the profile page. Next to the hotel images, you can find Expedia and TripAdvisor ratings, nightly rates and a map pinpointing the hotel. Expedia also shows you the rates from other popular hotel booking sites so you can compare prices.

The room availability section lets you can change the date, number of rooms, and number of children and adults without returning to the original search page. This section lists the max occupancy of the room and rates as they change over four days. For example, if you search for a Thursday check-in date, the information icon shows rates for Friday through Monday. This helps you plan accordingly and gets you the best rate at the hotel you want to stay at.

Options like free cancellation or no booking or card fees are listed in the room availability section, too. Some hotels give you the option of booking your reservation now and paying for it once you reach the hotel. This option is also listed in this section.

Expedia offers standard customer support. You can find help on the website in the FAQs section and using email forms, or you can call Expedia's support team. The FAQs section shows common queries about hotel, flight and rental car booking in a searchable format. Visit Site


When looking for a hotel, flight or entire vacation package online, Expedia is a good place to begin. You can book multiple reservations in one fell swoop. However, you may pay more than you would with some of the best hotel booking services, unless you choose to become an Expedia member. Visit Site

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