Pros / Before you book a hotel room, gives you a last-minute summary of the hotel's cancellation and other policies.

Cons / There are no sorting features to find accommodations for disabled guests.

 Verdict / You can expect to pay more than average through, and you're not likely to find a better deal unless you actively seek out better rates from another hotel booking service, as the compare feature only shows its partners' prices.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 reviews about Hotel Booking Services here.

On, you can filter your searches to include only the lowest-priced hotels or hotels in a specific area. A sliding scale to the side of the search on this hotel booking site allows you to limit your results to those in the price range of your choice. But for all the standard sorting features offers, there are no filters for rooms that are accessible to disabled guests. For some hotel guests and travelers, wheelchair access and sight or hearing assistance are crucial features for a hotel room.

Although helps you find low prices on hotels, this site's average cost is higher than those on most of the hotel booking services we considered for our review. It's about 39 percent costlier on average than the cheapest hotel booking site we tested.

The individual hotel pages on show the most essential information at the top. Before scrolling for more information, you can take a glance at images, TripAdvisor ratings and the hotel's address.

You can't book a flight at, but you can find vacation packages from another site featured on the site, which sometimes include airfare or tours. There's a link to another site that lets you book car rentals, but it isn't through, so this isn't an all-in-one travel service. In fact, this website opens multiple pages to competing hotel booking services every time you run a search, which is annoying.

After you select a room and click the book button, the booking page prompts you for standard information, such as your name and contact info. doesn't allow you to book online and pay later, but making reservations on this hotel site only takes a couple of minutes. You can complete payment with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. On the side of the page is a booking summary. Be sure to look through this summary before officially booking your room, as it provides information about your check-in and checkout times, rooms and occupancy, dates, bed sizes, tax, and total cost for the room. does an excellent job of making the small print legible. Before you book, the site shows you a brief summary of the important hotel policies, as well as those for its own site. The message at the bottom of this page varies by the hotel you book.

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Summary lets you sort through thousands of hotels, motels and lodges by important criteria like price, location and star rating. However, guests with special needs like wheelchair access or sight impairment may need to dig a little deeper, as the filters do not include these options. Although doesn't have all of the features we look for, you can catch the finer details about accommodations and hotel policies before you book your room.

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