Pros / You can make hotel, flight and rental car reservations at the same time and can even find them packaged together for a discount.

Cons / You can only contact customer support by phone and email.

 Verdict / Orbitz is a full-service travel site where you can book almost anything you need for your vacation, but it’s missing a few convenient features that our top-rated service includes.

Orbitz has some tricks up its sleeve to help you find the best hotel for your trip. Between the hotel booking service's sorting features and long list of hotel details, it’s easy and quick to book accommodations for your vacation. In addition to hotels, Orbitz lets you book flights and rental cars. It also has a variety of ways to save you even more money, including a loyalty program, last-minute deals and vacation packages. Visit Site

Sorting Features

Compared to other hotel booking sites, Orbitz’s average prices fare well. To test this, we searched for hotels in seven different locations and averaged the prices of the top 10 listings in the search results. Orbitz came in with lower-than-average rates, but it isn't the cheapest hotel booking site overall. However, its hotel prices were some of the lowest in certain cities – for example, in Las Vegas its average rate was $171.10, which is nearly half of the highest average amount in our review. If you're looking for the lowest prices overall, fared teh best in our price comparison and had the lowest prices for all our test cities.

The map-listing and area-sorting options help you avoid accidentally booking an almost perfect hotel that is 15 miles from your destination. You can view potential hotels pinpointed on a map of the city, which puts you close to any attraction you plan to visit. You can also sort hotels based on the areas they are located, such as city centers or suburbs, without viewing a map.

If distance isn't an issue during your stay, you can also sort hotels by star or reviewer rating. Guest ratings and reviews come from people who have stayed at the hotel, so they can give you a good idea of what to expect. Amenities are also important to consider when booking a hotel, especially if you're traveling with pets or children. Orbitz’s search options for amenities include non-smoking rooms, pet-friendly accommodations, spas, pools and Wi-Fi – each sorting option shows the number of hotels that fall under that specific category.

Hotel Details

Orbitz, like other hotel booking sites, lists available rooms below the hotel’s important information. In each room description, you can see the price, number of beds, smoking policy, cancellation policy and number of Orbucks rewards points you can earn. This site doesn’t list the number of people you can have per room, however, which is important when you travel with large groups.

You may not settle on the first hotel you find on Orbitz. Just in case, you can find recommended hotels nearby the one you're viewing. In addition to providing information about nearby accommodations, the hotel details page lists nearby points of interests and policies like check-in and checkout times.

You can also read hotel reviews from two different sources: Orbitz guests and TripAdvisor users. These ratings and reviews can help you decide whether a hotel is worth your money. Unlike the best hotel booking service in our review, Orbitz doesn’t let you share a hotel page via social media with the click of a button, which you may want to do just for fun or to get feedback on where to stay.

Reservation Process

The booking process is short, and you can customize your preferences up until the last minute. You are required to provide standard information like your name, country and phone number. When you're done booking a hotel, the website sends you a full email confirmation for your records.

Orbitz isn't focused entirely on hotels, so you can use it to book other vacation necessities like flights and rental cars. If you're planning a vacation and need airline tickets, a hotel and a rental car, you can check out Orbitz's vacation packages, which group everything together and usually at a hefty discount.

This service saves you money in other ways too. Through its loyalty program, you earn rewards when you book a hotel, flight or car, and you can use them on future hotel bookings. You can also take advantage of Orbitz's last-minute deals to save even more money, but they are limited to certain hotels in specific cities.

The scratchpad at the top of the Orbitz website is helpful when you're searching in multiple cities, whether for a hotel, flight or car rental. It saves your searches so you can refer back to them. You can also compare rates at competing hotel booking sites on Orbitz to ensure you get the best price possible.

Booking Help

Like all the hotel booking sites we reviewed, Orbitz has a list of FAQs in the customer support section on its website. Often, these articles are enough to answer your questions, but if not, you can email or call its support team. Orbitz doesn't offer a live chat support option on its site, though. Our top pick,, has a live chat as well as the best search filters we tested. If you want immediate help with your order, we recommend this site.


Orbitz provides countless options for flights, rental cars, cruises, vacation packages, and of course, hotels. It’s one of the best hotel booking services available, though it is missing a few convenient features that would make it even better. Visit Site

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