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ITP Global Plan Review

PROS / This service offers a straightforward, low-cost Global Plan.

CONS / ITP charges for mobile and softphone use.

 VERDICT / ITP is a feature-rich service with strong customer service, but it charges for many features that other services include in their plans.

With ITP service, you get free calling to Canada and Puerto Rico with all plans and a free second line, making it especially useful for small business owners. It has more features than most of the other services we reviewed. However, it charges for some of the more useful features that other international calling providers include in their plans.

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ITP offers multiple residential calling plans and one, flat-rate Global plan. The Global plan is straightforward and affordably priced. It provides unlimited access to landlines in 70 countries and access to a few countries mobile lines. This plan is available on a month-to-month basis and calls to Canada and Puerto Rico do not incur extra international rates.

Setting up and using ITP is an easy process. The company sends an adapter and once this adapter is set up, you can make calls, both local and international, right away. When we tested the service, we had difficulty connecting. Once we were able to connect, we were able to hear the speaker on the other end but there were significant amounts of feedback and at times, clarity was low.

One area where ITP is strong is in features. You have the option of adding multiple features on to your account. This service even includes a mobile app that you can download so that you can place international calls from your mobile device without incurring international charges with your service provider.

While we found the app to be a convenient feature, we were dismayed to see that most of the other user features that are available through ITP cost extra per month. For example, a softphone, which is included for no extra cost in many services we reviewed, costs an additional fee per month with ITP. The same is true if you want other features, such as a virtual number or fax support.

You can find help and support via phone, through email or in the FAQs on the company website. This service is missing live chat, so getting answers may take a while and include hold times. The service provides detailed instructions for its phone adapters and a few user guides. However, the overall FAQs/Help section is not searchable and may require a lot of clicking to drill down to the answers you need. Nonetheless, you can get one-on-one support over the phone and through a customer support form on the ITP website.


ITP is an international calling service provider. Its Global Plan delivers good performance and offers easy installation and features that are especially useful for a small business. It charges for many phone features that other services include in their plans but has some unique features no other service we reviewed offered. Overall, it's a service worth considering.

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