Online magazine subscription websites allow you to search through hundreds of magazine titles in a vast assortment of genres – lifestyle and fashion magazines, educational reading material in medicine or law, popular sports subscriptions and stacks of others. In addition, these online services provide numerous search tools, making it possible to easily find the magazine you are looking for or to browse through the company's selection if you aren't quite sure what you want. Some websites also offer you the chance to purchase large-print, digital, downloadable magazines – which aren't available in most kiosks and magazine racks.

Magazine subscriptions can provide interesting reading for your home or office. If you own a company, work in a doctor's office or have any waiting area at work, then a magazine subscription could be what you need for your customers or employees. Some websites offer magazine subscriptions in bulk orders for waiting rooms, sales offices, libraries and so on. If you are ordering multiple subscriptions for your company, you can receive discounts from some subscription services.

Not only is the choice vast and varied but with an online magazine subscription order, you don't have to make a trip to the shop every time your magazine is released; it will just turn up at your door. And managing your subscriptions is simple. You can renew your order, change your address and speak to customer service advisors online.

Best Subscription Options

Many companies offer various subscription options. So instead of choosing a one-year subscription, you can choose a two- or three-year subscription at a discounted price. In addition, look for companies that not only provide monthly or semi-monthly magazines but bi-monthly, weekly or even daily magazines. Some of the companies that offer different options are Subscription Addiction and

A popular subscription option is a digital magazine subscription. When you purchase a digital magazine, you can immediately download the magazine onto your computer or mobile device. There is no shipping to worry about and when the newest edition is available, you can download it and read it within minutes. excels with its unbelievable selection of magazines. This magazine subscription service offers many genres of magazines to sort through, and you can easily find a magazine no matter your interest or hobby. This company also offers excellent customer service and fantastic subscription options.

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Subscription Addiction

Subscription Addiction is a magazine subscription service that makes finding your favorite magazine fast and simple. This company offers a number of magazines from many different genres such as lifestyle, children, food and sports. However, the real benefit of this company is the many search capabilities and easy options for finding magazines.

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Best Money-Saving Features

When looking for the best magazine subscription service, you must determine whether the website is offering you the best deal. Some companies, such as Best Deal Magazines, will provide a low-price guarantee, which states that if you find a lower price on that same magazine from another subscription service, the company will refund you the difference.

You may also find that several companies provide coupons, allowing you to get an even better deal. Many companies will also provide weekly or daily deals to help you receive a large discount on specific subscriptions.

Furthermore, to help ensure that the price and quality you are getting is the best for your subscription, many services offer a review system so you can see what other people thought of the magazine. This way you can make sure the quality is what you want before you spend any money.

Best Deal Magazines

Best Deal Magazines is a magazine subscription service that provides numerous magazine subscriptions at excellent discounts. With this subscription service, you can receive fantastic discounts, take advantage of free gift offers and online coupons, and browse through the numerous categories available.

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Best Search Capabilities

Many of the best magazine subscription services provide hundreds of magazines you can sort through. Look for websites, like Amazon Magazines, that provide many filtering capabilities – companies that allow you to browse by category, discount and price range. Other popular search options include searching by the first letter of the magazine's title and searching by keywords.

Amazon Magazines

With already being a household name, most people will probably already have an account with Amazon, which prevents any extra hassle when it comes to ordering magazines. This magazine subscription service offers popular genres, inexpensive subscription options and many promotional offers. Not only does Amazon offer the biggest variety of magazines but it also offers excellent customer service when it comes to refunds, cancellations and renewals.

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Magazine Subscription Services: What to Look For

First, find a service that carries the categories and individual magazines you're looking for. Customer care is of utmost importance, so look for companies that offer solid customer support options like email, telephone and online resources. You also need to consider free shipping, international delivery and automatic renewals.

Genres and Categories
There are dozens of magazine genres available. These include categories like fashion and beauty, mechanics, nursing, photography, food and many others. Unfortunately, these services do not offer magazines within all categories. In fact, some companies are very limited. When looking for the best place to buy magazines, find a service that offers most of the genres you are interested in.

In addition, even though a company may be limited in its main categories, its inventory may still be excellent. There may be subcategories within each category that include titles that interest you. However, also note that even though some companies offer dozens of categories, their inventory may still be small because there are only one or two magazine options within each category. It's worth browsing extensively before settling on a magazine subscription company.

Shipping Options
Shipping is an important factor that it is often overlooked. Some companies may be sneaky and try to charge you shipping fees, which can greatly increase the cost of your subscription. Look for companies that offer free shipping on all orders.

In addition, consider where you are shipping your subscription to. Some companies offer international delivery options while others do not. Some may charge additional fees for delivering your magazine to Hawaii or Alaska. Look at the company's shipping policy before making any purchases.

Automatic Renewals
Companies that have automatic renewals can cause quite a hassle if you don't wish to renew your subscription and forget to cancel. You will receive unwanted charges to your credit card. Some of the best companies will not automatically renew your subscription without your consent. Instead, they may send you an email, or several emails, letting you know that your subscription is close to expiring and give you options to quickly renew your subscription. Some companies, such as Best Deals Magazines, will not store your credit card information so automatic renewals aren't possible. To renew your subscription, you will have to place the magazine subscription in your cart and go through the checkout process all over again.

Gifting Options
Once you have entered the world of online magazines, you may want a friend or family member to join in too. This is where the websites offer another fantastic opportunity with the use of gift cards, gift certificates and gift subscriptions. Here you can either subscribe your recipient to a particular magazine so they too receive the magazine when it is published, or you can get them a gift certificate or card so they can choose which magazine they'd like to subscribe to.

Help & Support
Customer care is extremely important when you're working with a magazine subscription service. Problems can easily occur with your subscription, such as not receiving issues, needing to change addresses, or cancelling or renewing your order. If questions or issues arise, you need a fast and easy way to contact representatives. Look for companies that offer email and telephone options for reaching support representatives. In addition, look for companies that provide ample support resources including FAQs and support articles.

With the best magazine subscription services, you can easily find the perfect reading material for your home, office, spa or hotel. You will have plenty of genres to choose from for all ages and interests and plenty of perks such as subscription length options, gifting choices and excellent support to ensure your experience ordering magazines online is an excellent one.

Will I Save Money by Buying My Subscription Online?

One of the advantages to purchasing online is that most online magazine subscription websites also offer fantastic promotional offers, which are much cheaper than if you purchased the magazine in the shop. Online services sometimes offer 50 percent reductions or better – so you can save a lot of money when you buy this way.

It's always a good idea to shop around to find the best deals on your favorite magazines. You never know which magazines could be included in their offer of the week. Furthermore, when you click on some magazine subscription service websites, you can compare prices of that subscription to other services to ensure you have the lowest price available. Some websites also offer several magazines within a batch buy; for example buy three magazines for $30. This is particularly beneficial if you are buying subscriptions for an entire family with differing ages and tastes. If you want to learn more you can visit our articles about magazine subscriptions.