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Magazine Subscription Reviews

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Magazine Subscription Review

Why Begin a Magazine Subscription Online?

Do you find that you think you don’t have time to read a magazine, but can’t stop reading them at a friend's place? Do you sometimes go to the shop to buy a magazine, become confused by the variety available and leave with nothing? Or do you sometimes buy a magazine and then forget to pick up the following month's copy? If you answer yes to any of these questions then a magazine subscription purchased online could be for you!

Online magazine subscription websites allow you to search through hundreds of magazines, and many offer a review system so you can see what other people thought of them. This way you are free to browse through your chosen magazine genre at your own leisurely pace, whilst seeing what offers are available for your chosen magazines. Online subscription websites also offer a much wider variety of magazines than most shops will; offering elite genres such as nursing, law, finance and many more. Some websites also offer you the chance to purchase large print, digital, downloadable magazines – all of which aren’t available in most high-street stores.

Not only is the choice vast and varied but with an online magazine subscription order you don’t have the hassle of having to make a trip to the shop every time your magazine is released, it will just turn up at your door. Equally, managing your subscription online couldn’t be any easier; you can renew your order as you wish, change your address, and speak to customer service advisors online, all within the comfort of your home.

Once you have entered the world of online magazines you may want a friend or family member to join in too. This is where the websites offer another fantastic opportunity with the use of gift cards, gift certificates and gift subscriptions. Here you can either subscribe your recipient to a particular magazine so that they too receive the magazine when it is published; or you can get them a gift certificate or card so that they can choose which magazine they’d like to subscribe to. This gift is one-of-a-kind, as every publication of their chosen magazine is a gift from you. So every time their magazine lands on their doorstep you are pushed to the forefront of their mind.

Most online magazine subscription websites also offer fantastic promotional offers saving you much more money than if you purchased the magazine in the shop. They can sometimes offer promotions of over 50% reductions – so you could almost say you could buy two magazine subscriptions for the price of one! It’s also a good idea to shop around once you have decided on your chosen magazine as different websites will offer different discounts and your magazine could be included in their offer of the week! Additionally some websites offer several magazines within a batch buy, e.g. 3 for $30.

Magazine subscriptions don’t just have to be something for the pleasure of your own home either. If you own a company, work within a doctor’s surgery and so on, then a magazine subscription could be just the thing you need for your customers. Some websites, such as; magazinepromotion.com offer magazine subscriptions in bulk orders for waiting rooms, sales offices and so on. They can also offer free quotations for your business too, so it’s well worth looking into if you are interested.

What to Look for in a Magazine Subscription Service

If you think that a magazine subscription could be the thing for you or the perfect gift for a loved one, then check out our top ten selections for invaluable advice on what websites do and do not offer. With things like customer care being of utmost importance, see which websites offer e-mail, phone and online help and which ones offer the best promotional deals. You can also see which websites will offer you free delivery, international delivery and automatic renewals. Equally, if you are a bit new to the internet and are unsure about ordering online, then see which websites offer frequently asked question options and guidance throughout their websites. And you can see which websites accept which payment options and if they are security verified.

Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate Magazine Subscription Services:

Varied Subscription Options
Does the website offer monthly, weekly, daily and even digital subscription options?

Promotional Offers
Is the website offering you the best deal on the internet; have you checked that other websites aren’t offering your magazine in a better deal?

Shipping Options
Does the website offer free delivery or international delivery? If so, how long is this going to take?

Payment Options
Is your payment method covered on this website? Don’t forget to check before you go through the process of trying to buy your magazine subscription.

Customer Care
Will your chosen website be able to help you along with ordering your magazine subscription using features such as Frequently Asked Questions, Phone and E-mail support?

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