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Amazon Magazines Review

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Amazon.com comes out the front runner on our magazine subscription services review site due to its popularity as a website, its superb selection of magazines and its intuitive layout. With Amazon.com already being a household name, most people will probably already have an account with Amazon, which prevents any extra hassle when it comes to ordering magazines. Not only does Amazon offer the biggest variety of magazines but it also offers excellent customer service when it comes to refunds, cancellations and renewals.

Standout Features

  • Largest selection of magazines available in one place
  • Option to have many magazines sent straight to your Kindle
  • Customer reviews of magazines and services

Magazine Genres Available

Amazon.com offers a vast array of magazines, from the most popular genres like fashion, sports and wildlife down to more esoteric topics along the lines of sci-fi, large print and academic journals. Even after you’ve identified which genre of magazine it is that you wish to subscribe to, you still have another huge selection of magazines within each genre. Amazon does try to ease this task with their own “Bestseller” section across the board and within each of the categories. Where they can provide any help, they do. For example, if you were looking to subscribe to a Fashion & Beauty magazine, but didn’t know which one to select they offer a top ten within three different sections of this genre; “Bestsellers”, “Beauty” and “International”.

If you are choosing the magazine subscription as a gift, there is a gift option, and Amazon helps you select the ideal magazine indexing them according to price range, popularity and publisher.

Compared to other magazine subscription services, Amazon's inventory is the largest and most thorough. What really makes them exceptional is more than just their massive inventory however, they also offer a lot of support along the decision making process.

Subscription Options

Yet again Amazon does not disappoint with the number of subscription options available. They offer magazines that are from daily to bi-monthly. All of Amazon's magazines are available with a yearly subscription. The only two areas Amazon falters concern digital magazines and international delivery. However, the lack of international delivery for magazines may be due to the company having websites within different countries anyway, so an international delivery option isn’t necessary for every magazine.

Amazon certainly makes up for what they may lack with the promotional offers they offer each and every customer. They have various sections showing you how to get up to $10 off and a “Today’s deals” section to ensure you do not miss out on any deals available.

Payment Options

Amazon accepts payments in all areas except PayPal and Amex. Therefore, every customer should be covered with a payment option. Equally, as mentioned before, with the versatility of Amazon as a website, many customers will probably already have an account and card payment option set up, so there should be no concerns when it comes to setting up a payment method.

Customer Care

Customer support is the only area in which Amazon shows some downsides. Offering no FAQs the website may seem a little daunting, and if you do have any questions they cannot be answered without having to go through the stress of emailing or phoning someone. Amazon does offer a privacy policy which means that none of your details will be passed onto any third parties.

However, the lack of FAQs may speak wonders for the website itself as it shows a confidence that customers do not ask questions frequently and this is perhaps due to the amount of help Amazon tries to provide their customers with whilst navigating through the website.


Amazon offers customers the widest variety of magazines out there, and not just in obscurer genres, but also in widely popular areas. Amazon offers the majority of magazines that specialty sites offer, and due to their status as a household name, Amazon remains a popular choice with consumers worldwide.

They offer unbelievable amounts of help along the way if you are having trouble deciding which magazine to buy. That’s why we recommend starting your magazine subscription search with Amazon--it will enable you to get a good feel for what type of magazines are available before you go on to compare the prices to other websites. Another helpful feature that Amazon does provide that most other websites will not is the option for customers to review each magazine themselves—it’ll give you a good indication of just what the magazine will offer you as a reader.

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