With already being a household name, most people will probably already have an account with Amazon, which prevents any extra hassle when it comes to ordering magazines. This magazine subscription service offers popular genres, inexpensive subscription options and many promotional offers. Not only does Amazon offer the biggest variety of magazines but it also offers excellent customer service when it comes to refunds, cancellations and renewals.

Amazon offers a vast array of magazines, from the most popular genres like fashion, sports and wildlife down to more esoteric topics along the lines of sci-fi, large print and academic journals. Even after you've identified which genre of magazine it is that you wish to subscribe to, you still have another huge selection of magazines within each genre. Amazon does try to ease this task with their own “Bestseller” section across the board and within each of the categories.

If you are choosing the magazine subscription as a gift, there is a gift finder option where Amazon helps you select the ideal magazine for your family member or friend. With this tool you can narrow down your search for a magazine subscription gift by category and price.

This company offers magazines that are daily to bi-monthly. All of Amazon's magazines are available with a yearly subscription. In addition, Amazon provides numerous promotional offers on magazines. There is a "Today's deals" section that ensures you don't miss out on any deals, and many subscriptions are already on excellent discounts.

Searching for magazine subscriptions is a breeze with this website. You can search by keyword, price, category and customer ratings. You can also browse a selection of the company inventory by looking at bestsellers, most-gifted and the most-wished-for magazines.

You can manage all of your subscriptions on your Amazon account. A large benefit is if you bought a magazine subscription from another company, you can add that magazine to your Amazon account and manage it there as well. If you have questions or concerns, or you need help with renewals, cancellations or other issues, you can contact representatives via email or telephone. There are also FAQs available to quickly answer any more questions you may have.

Amazon offers customers the widest variety of magazines out there, and not just in obscurer genres, but also in widely popular areas. This company allows you to easily manage your subscriptions, find the perfect gift subscription and search for magazines that interest you.