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When you click on a magazine, many products feature customer reviews. You can also browse through images of the magazine to help you get an idea of what content is featured inside.

One advantage of is it will not automatically renew your subscription unless you choose to have it renewed. You can enroll in a program called Discount Lock, where the company will automatically renew your subscription at the same discounted price you received your first issues at. However, you must enroll in this program to receive this benefit. definitely offers excellent customer care, only missing international delivery, which is common among magazine subscription websites. Although, this company will deliver to Canada. In addition, if you do have any questions or queries regarding your orders, you can contact the company by filling out an online form that is found on the company website. provides a huge selection of magazines to sort through, and the subscription options don't limit you. In addition, you won't need to worry about automatic renewal, and you can order gifts from this magazine subscription service.